Man at Forest Hills charged under new upskirting law


Transit Police yesterday made their first arrest under the law after a woman complained at Forest Hills a guy took inappropriate photos of her.

Joshua Gonsalves, 23, of Norwood, is scheduled for arraignment in West Roxbury District Court this morning.

According to Transit Police, the incident happened shortly before 5:45 p.m.

Upon arrival officers were met by the victim who informed the officers of the following; while standing in the upper busway she felt "something" brush against her knees. When the victim looked down she observed a man's hand, between her legs, holding an Apple iPad with the camera on facing up her skirt.

Gonsalves boarded a 34 bus and was arrested in Roslindale.

Innocent, etc.



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sheesh talk about not being discreet about it.

Sure its not right, but sheesh... an ipad?!?

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He might as well have used

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He might as well have used one of those old-timey accordion cameras

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I'm sure there's some ironic

I'm sure there's some ironic hipster product to attach to your iPad to turn it into an old-time accordion camera.

I wish I was joking about that.

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Maybe he was just angling the

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Maybe he was just angling the screen to reduce the glare. Those commercials amazon ran really did emphasize how bad the glare is on those iPads.

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