Man sought for swiping bus driver's stuff

Wanted for thievery

Transit Police report looking for a man they say got off a 429 bus in Lynn Thursday afternoon with more than he got on - specifically, the bus driver's personal belongings.

The bus had a camera to take his pre-arrest mug shot, but if you know who he is, contact detectives at 617-222-1050 or send an anonymous text teip to 873873



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    Now the dumbasses are...

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    stealing the drivers' stuff as well as assaulting/spitting on them? Oy caramba, what has this world come to?

    T drivers aren't allowed to

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    T drivers aren't allowed to have cell phones with them.

    What was he expecting to find in that bag? It probably contained a sweatshirt and half a sandwich.

    The route

    Just take a look at the route on a map and take a look at the schedule. For one, it's next to useless for most people. But it has a lot of appeal to mall rats, people with suspended licenses, and drug addicts, among others. It connects bad neighborhoods, boring neighborhoods, and strip malls -- and just attracts all the wrong people from all of those places.

    Your House

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    *cough* doesn't this go right by your house? *cough* *cough* *cough*

    Hey now!

    Don't get wise with me, mister!

    90% of everyone who takes the bus in my neighborhood is taking the 426. We turn our noses up at the 429. In fact, if there's a cluster of people standing at the bus stop, the 429 drivers all know to not even bother stopping.

    I think this is bussism or something. It's almost on par with classism.

    I was on a bus yesterday

    I was on a bus yesterday morning out of Southie that had a barricade between the driver and passengers with an opening in the front so the driver could help with the fare machine.

    Never seen it before, is this gonna be common?

    T-safety is an oxymoron

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    They put cameras on buses to illustrate how safe the T is and all they accomplished was to show how unsafe the T is. Now they put their drivers behind shields and their cops on motorcycles and bicycles instead of buses and trains.

    No, they put cameras on the T

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    to collect evidence in order to prosecute thugs and perps AFTER the crimes have been committed. Unfortunately, that's the Transit Police's real priority here.