Man takes 'Beat It' to heart; Rockport Line riders, police not impressed

Transit Police report arresting a Salem man who allegedly masturbated on an inbound train from Rockport on Saturday evening - about three months after he was he was arrested for allegedly doing the same thing on another train.

Per Transit Police:

The individual's genitals were fully exposed and he made no attempts to conceal what he was doing.

Police say they were aided by numerous tips from riders who recognized his face, or possibly other body parts.



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    Am I missing something..

    Apparently the MBTA must be an aphrodisiac because its making guys so horny they have to wank it on the train.. or maybe its just the endless delays, you know you're sitting there wasting time, might as well feel good while waiting.

    (sarcasm folks.. sarcasm..)


    I wont even bother with the

    I wont even bother with the whole "why is this guy out on the streets/trains again and given another change at this" convo (although I just did bring it up). I think we are all use to this revolving door of jail at this point.

    No jail for this crime, typically

    Indecent exposure and open and gross lewdness don't typically land the perpetrator in jail.

    I'm OK with that, mostly... as a taxpayer I don't see a lot of value in spending my $$$ keeping a run-of-the-mill subway flasher in jail. I don't think the threat of punishment is much deterrence against crimes people commit because they are bat-shit crazy (as opposed to crimes like robbery, which people commit because the reward is worth the risk). And, disgusting though it may be, waving one's junk around on the subway, unless done in a threatening, directed way against one single individual, is a sort of quality-of-life issue for the public at large rather than an .intrusive assault against a victim.

    Yes but,

    Aside from being incredibly disgusting, the amount of actual damage said wanker does is pretty minimal: nobody ends up with his wallet or his front teeth missing; nobody is put in plausible fear of his or her life or safety. Maybe I'm wrong here: I don't study criminal behavior, but I am under the impression that flashers and public wankers are not the same people who go around assaulting, kidnapping and raping people. If that's not true, if there's evidence that people who expose themselves go on to commit more severe sex crimes, then I would change my mind about punishment / forced treatment / etc.

    Young women can

    absolutely fear for their safety. I remember when I was about 11 or 12 I was in a pretty empty movie theatre when a guy sat a few seats from me and started wanking. I was terrified and left the theatre. That event stays with me and I will never let me kids go to a movie without me for that reason.

    People who do this are very creepy and I think that when public wanting no longer thrill them, they escalate their behavior.