Man thanks bank tellers for their help - after holding them up with a gun

Brookline bank robber

Brookline Police report they are looking for a polite gunman who likes to hold up banks on Harvard Street.

On Tuesday, police report, he walked into the Eastern Bank branch at 301 Harvard St. with a gun:

Suspect showed a note, stated he had a gun and demanded cash. He then displayed a black handgun, banged it on the counter, pointed it in the teller’s direction and continued to demand cash. As he left after receiving the cash, the suspect apologized and thanked the tellers.

Police say tellers recognized him as the same guy who held them up on May 9, and that he may also be responsible for a holdup at the neighboring Citibank branch on Nov. 20.



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    Camera quality gripe

    I get that not every mom-and-pop convenience store can afford good surveillance camera equipment. Banks, however, have no excuse for such grainy photos/video stills, IMHO. That photo looks like a character from an original NES game from 1990, for pete's sake.

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    Nit pick

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    Actually, the cameras are wonderful, it's the recording equipment that isn't up to speed.

    The camera companies push the tech for the recording device companies to play catch up.

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    Theft by insiders or outsiders

    You can have terrific quality if you don't mind looping over what you've already recorded every few hours or have a large array of drives. I get the impression banks are more concerned about pulling up the history of their staff and less about catching a bank robber. In the case of a robber they just write off however much they steal (which isn't all that much) and go on with business as normal. They are more concerned with catching the staff doing something wrong.

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    He must not

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    be from Brookline.

    Just sayin'...

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