Man tries to ski to work but is thwarted when DCR actually plows the paths along the Charles



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    I'll be honest, I couldn't

    I'll be honest, I couldn't read the whole thing.

    Are we to assume that this guy created this blog post during business hours? His employer must be thrilled.

    Maybe he's a good employee

    Speaking as someone who manages others I couldn't care less if one of my guys updates their blog at work provided they do a good job and complete everything assigned to them. For all you know he made that on his lunch break.

    I thought it was clever. It

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    I thought it was clever. It could be I'm a sucker for dogs and who couldn't fall for a pug's face...

    cc skiing to work - I'd do it if it was feasible.

    Love it!

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    Bikes, pugs, someone who cheerfully mocks his own wannabe "badassness"--good stuff!