Man waves junk at woman jogger along the Charles

Atinuke Diver reports she was running on the Cambridge side of the river, across from the MIT tennis courts, this morning, when a man approached her, exposed himself and then started fondling himself.

Not sure what leads someone to spend a beautiful Sunday Mothers Day morning sexually harassing/assaulting Boston & Cambridge women runners.



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    "jesus", what a "piece of work"

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    I love how she quotes "some phrases."
    Also, it isn't sexual assault.
    Also, it apparently wasn't worth calling 911 about, but it was worth mentioning in a 4square check-in?
    And after she's told to report it to police, she said OK and tweets Cambridge PD?

    social media=best choice in this case

    I would tweet it, too. If a guy waves his junk as you're running, common sense says you probably aren't going to stop to give him a good look. If you want to not make eye contact or visibly pay attention to the guy (a good idea) and you want get away from him before pulling out a phone (also a good idea), the you will probably not have much of a description of the perv, and you may no longer be able to give an exact location for the perv if he is no longer in vision, just the location the display happened.

    HOWEVER, a woman who has been forewarned via social media that this may happen to her while running in that area, or anyone else who sees the alert and lives nearby, will be better prepared to observe what the perv looks like & give a description if he does this again.

    4square check-in

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    Also, it apparently wasn't worth calling 911 about, but it was worth mentioning in a 4square check-in?

    Does that make her the mayor of that guy's junk?

    Good for her, for tweeting it

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    Good for her, for tweeting it. Makes sense to alert others via Twitter.

    As for quotes, how would you have phrased it? More clinical? More crude? She was totally appropriate.

    Uncle Todd

    Is that you? Celebrating the retention of Under God in the Pledge of Allegiance?

    Description of perp

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    and official police response? You'll have to excuse me, being on this Earth for long enough, I'm jaded about many things. Unfortunately, some people with mental health issues and/or agendas will (gasp) make stuff up. This story is just something someone blogged / tweeted.

    Yes, but ...

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    In this case, I didn't have any qualms about posting her account, because I've known her for a few years, even spoke at an event she organized, and she's not one to make stuff up.

    Taken a step further

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    ...why is junk display even in the game plan given the abundant evidence for ages that it doesn't work?

    Such philosophical ruminations are sure to be more funny and compelling than the meta-dick waving of a veracity challenge.

    these guys aren't trying to meet women

    in the sense that a normal person might. Romance and/or sex with a woman isn't their ultimate goal. They're trying to assert power over women by eliciting a response of shock, anger, disgust, and/or annoyance.

    In which case....

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    A better response would be the impulse I had after it happened to me when I was 15 or so, walking home from school in my uniform. A young, curly-haired guy stopped and pretended to ask for directions when he just wanted me to see him from the passenger window....

    Two seconds after he drove off, it occurred to me that I should have belted out the chorus of "Is That All There Is?"

    No women

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    That I've read about have been waving their junk at men. It seems to a creepy guy behavior.

    I know

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    it's the lopsided status distribution for different gender approaches to junk display.

    With the male humanzees it's sort of uncouth and subject to legal sanction.

    But for female humanzees there is an impossibly complex array of junk display options variously sold as fashion.

    Some poor puds just aren't getting the asymmetry.

    Lacking a chance to strut around in push up bras, thongs, butt projection shoes and the myriad other accouterments of the chick pumping biz that even seeps into pheromonal spheres, they pine for some chance to join in the game and all they have to play with are some shriveled things that have all the allure of a puffball mushroom on the wrong side of the ripeness cycle.

    What is camel toe but a less brazen form of junk display of corresponding genital turf?

    The best part of the testosterone decline phase of guy life is the creeping indifference to everyone's junk that seems to solidify with the ongoing impairment of vision.

    Think of the damage we could do to the fashion industry if we could only attain this degree of junk indifference at the peak of youthful ardor.

    Mating season

    Alas, male birds usually have vibrant colors to woo females. It has seemed to have passed now for turkeys as males I've seen are not all in full display and puffed up. With the return of bicycling season, men in tights will display their religion to each other and females. Guido's will don muscle shirts. This and more rites of spring.

    "A (messed up) guy thing?"

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    I don't know whether it is culture, hormones or even a combination. But how often do movies and stories have a piece where a woman or girl is to not be left alone with a strange male, while leaving a boy or man alone with a woman is not seen as equally suspect? I wish it was only in stories or movies but I believe that there is far greater truth than most of folks realize. The inappropriateness ranges from displaying genitalia to inappropriate touching to molestation and rape. The controversies of the past decade concerning sexual abuse by clergy and the violations by college age men against college age women and insufficient responses by colleges are examples.

    I sometimes wonder whether the (pardon the word) segregation of men from women in public places such as schools has been a traditional method of dealing with unspoken but acknowledged chronic problem of heterosexual men violating girls and women. It is ironic that religious bodies such as Catholics and Fundamentalists fume and foam about Gays and Lesbians but seem to express nary a peep when it comes to sexual abuse against women by men.

    Teacher / Student

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    Please expound upon the seeming increasing numbers of women teachers who don't seem to understand that a relationship beyond the boundaries of Student:Teacher is, I don't know, against the law. Nevermind inappropriate.

    I hear there are women raping men cases, but they don't make the news that I read, so I'm working with 'I hear'.

    Yes, you're right that we often hear about men preying upon women, but women are equally at fault for preying upon the opposite sex. More often it makes the new that it's of those younger, but women are not innocent all the time.

    Muslim cultures much more proactive / twerking

    Western religion has been rather lacking as you have pointed out, save some groups that have male and female segregated at religious services.

    Muslims have been much more proactive towards protecting women, having family members escort them, cover them up, keeping them away from unknown men, and segregation in mosques.
    Is that the sort of thing you were looking for?

    Female animals can also display genitalia to entice mates. Cats in heat do this along with howling to draw males. Female monkeys will also present their genitalia to males.

    In humans, one such presentation is called "twerking".