Man who loves hair sought for bank robberies in Brookline, Brighton and Cambridge

Bank robber

Brookline Police report this guy robbed the TD Bank branch at 1641 Beacon St. in Washington Square on Friday morning:

Suspect walked into bank and demanded money. Suspect wore gloves and showed a note, but took it back. No weapon shown or indicated. Suspect has similar description to other recent bank robberies in Brookline, Brighton and Cambridge.

Know him? Det. Ken McHugh awaits your call at 617-730-2222, ext. 2710.



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    Is he also wearing an eye

    By on

    Is he also wearing an eye patch?

    How is this not mentioned?

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    Those are sunglasses

    By on

    Those are sunglasses

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    no, he's not

    By on

    He has glasses, a dark/black knit hat over a dark/black bandana with a light/white pattern which partially obscures his left eye - which is probably what you are mistaking for a patch. But both of his eyes are visible in that photo.

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