Man who was stabbed in Dorchester dies; no charges filed in case

Boston Police report the man found stabbed yesterday evening at 157 Washington St. was pronounced dead at the scene, from a single stab wound.

The woman who stabbed him was the person who called 911:

The adult resident of the apartment was at the scene and has been interviewed by responding officers and homicide detectives. Based on the facts and circumstances as they are known to investigators at this time, no charges have been filed. The investigation remains open, but authorities do not believe the incident presents any ongoing public safety threat.



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      So renters can kill with no reprocussions

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      So, it's like living in an apartment is a license to kill.

      (note, I don't want to seem insensitive to this actual incident. However, some commenters on this site seem obsessed when charges are not filed immediately when people die do to the actions of others, hence this a bit of gallows sarcasm. My condolences to the family of the deceased.)

      yes those daggone privileged renters- I get it.

      And guilty as charged, Waquiot. When people die due to the actions of others I am often among those who is impatient for criminal charges and/or an explanation that does not strain credulity. Me and poor old Al Sharpton. Perhaps I should judge less- there are indeed legitimate cases of self-defense and accidents...perhaps this was one of those cases.

      Not you

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      You just want the offending law enforcement officers fired right away. We may have our disagreements on this, and something tells me we might just have a discussion on this, but that's not my issue here. I'm talking about the anti-car crowd who can't quite fathom why someone charged in March of hit and run has not yet been convicted, or why the police have not filed charges in a case of motor vehicle homicide where no one is certain which of two people were driving the car. And of course, there are those who cannot understand why a grand jury, weighing evidence, decided not to charge the driver of a truck who may not have known he hit a bike.

      Sad thing is, the stabber in this case most likely was defending themselves, but still, people are so eager for charges to be files around here. I do feel like a bit of a troll on this, but not against you.