Man's arraignment delayed due to injuries suffered in encounter with residents of house he was allegedly burglarizing

Anthony Pasco, 29, of Chelsea, was scheduled for arraignment yesterday on charges he broke into a Revere home on Tuesday. However, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports:

Those proceedings were delayed for medical reasons - his encounter with the residents of that home left him with injuries requiring his hospitalization at Mass General. He has since been discharged and is now expected in court [today].

UPDATE: The DA's office reports Pasco's bail was set at $25,000 - prosecutors had asked for $500,000 - and offers this account:

According to prosecutors, a man returning home to the Robert Road address shortly before 11:30 p.m. Tuesday found the front door propped open and, shortly after stepping inside, encountered a man wearing a t-shirt pulled up to cover the lower part of his face. That man, later identified as Pasco, engaged the resident in a physical altercation in which Pasco allegedly kicked the man and the man punched him in the face.

Pasco attempted to flee the house, but once outside he was confronted by another tenant who had come to investigate after hearing the struggle. The men chased Pasco into the street, took him to the ground, and held him until Revere Police arrived, prosecutors said. Pasco was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital for treatment of head and neck injuries sustained in his struggle with the residents. He was released from care this morning. There are no plans to charge the residents in connection with those injuries, prosecutors said.

Innocent, etc.





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I hope they aren't charged for hospitalizing him.

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With more details from the DA's office.

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