Margery Eagan leaves Herald to join Catholic flock at the Globe

Dan Kennedy reports Eagan will write for the Globe's impending Catholic Web site, which will be called Crux.



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    One of these days, I'll learn how to spell ...

    Eagan at the Globe

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    I find Eagan writing for the Catholic web site an odd coupling, but I have a feeling Eagan would take any position to be at the Globe vs Herald.
    I find her insufferable either way and very hard on the ears. I do catch her on Beat the Press every now and then and it seems she is just not as professional or of the caliber of other panelists on the show.


    At least she is better than the oft insufferable Emily Rooney. Emily Rooney just like her dad, except done in the voice of that mosquito which flies around your ear while you are falling asleep.

    Eagan is fine. However, while

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    Eagan is fine. However, while I don't agree with Rooney on many points, I do think she is better informed and her opinions are more sophisticated and more articulate than Eagan's. Eagan is too tabloid-y right wing for me. I prefer a thoughtful and mature analysis of the news, not a pandering to the base style of 'journalism.' Just my opinion.

    Which will

    Become increasingly more evident to the Globe readers. Having her write a Catholic-connected piece is like Harvey Silverglate working for Pax Centurion.

    Kind of a win-win

    She gets to tell her friends in Brookline and Cambridge that people have to pay to read her and the vast majority of us who can't stand her misandry can avoid her anti-Catholic screeds. What's the over/under on the first letter to her from Archbishop Sean?

    Two more

    her misandry can avoid her anti-Catholic screeds

    I still need "illegals" and "traditional marriage", since I already have "fauxcahontas" as a free square.


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    I can't think of a more Catholic basher than Midge. Thankfully she'll be with her own kind over at the GLOB. She's so far left she's hanging off the scale.
    Enjoy your time Midge!


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    Eagan sure garners a truckload of hate, doesn't she? Well, I'll weigh in - I like her, and always have. She seems, unlike most of the other writers at her paper, to have not forgotten she's just a regular person. She's got an axe to grind when it comes to the church's abuse scandal? Anybody with a functioning brain does. As for her writing abilities, I guess she's lacking some of the skills her former co-"workers" have, like the ability to make up nicknames like "Corrupt Midget" and "Mumbles" and use them ad-nauseum.

    My biggest problem is that

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    My biggest problem is that she's a terrible writer, but yes, I also think she is kind of a one issue writer in that she writes about all the problems she has with the Catholic Church all the time.

    You're right, anyone with a pulse (Catholic or not) should be angry about the sexual abuse scandal. I still go to church but I struggle with all of the frustration I have with the church about that issue and divorce and gay marriage (and others) but I don't write poorly written, trite sound bites about the Church all the time. The Globe always had James Carroll to write intelligent, articulate critiques of the Church. Even when I disagree with him, I respect his arguments and his writing. Her writing is better suited to a tabloid, IMO and allowing her to now officially focus exclusively on the Catholic Church is a terrible idea. She'll become like Howie Carr, just recycling old (bad) articles of hers.

    Twilight Zone alert!

    Madge leaving the wholly owned subsidiary of the GOP to work at the wholly owned subsidiary of the left to write about the Church? Somebody is smoking something.