Marty Walsh not a scholar of recent American history


Think about

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Our prior mayor before we become critical. At least he speaks English! I take that back, I miss the sound bits.

What's worse was as one of

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What's worse was as one of the ethics committee guys in the legislature he should have been VERY familiar with the term.


Those Who Forget History Are Doomed To Repeat It ...

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... also applies to those who never studied History to begin with.

The tragic story of Richard Nixon, and resulting damage he caused our nation, should be required knowledge for any elected official. It's no wonder so many of them think they're above the law! Just denying you're "a crook" isn't believable anymore.

(Nixon did obstruct justice, and he was crooked - he was a co-conspirator who was never indicted.)

I'd say Social Anthropology a lot more useful as much of history is written by the winners of various conflicts.

War history can be a useful look at decision making outcomes. Lidell Hart rocks for that.

I got more useful insight from Gregory Bateson and Jules Henry than any history out there.

Bateson's daughter Nora is at Harvard.

David Riesman was impressive too.

What's not to like about "incipient aging population."?

Barbara Tuchman is about as close to these three as anyone and then, of course Susan Faludi!!

A colleague of hers is still here.

History is best for adolescence while you wait to find more substantive things and it is better than nearly any fiction.

Funny you mention Tricky Dick

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Funny you mention Tricky Dick. This was in the paper the other day.

In their new book The Nixon Tapes, historians Douglas Brinkley and Luke A. Nichter have done the dirty work of transcribing and publishing some of the 3,000 hours of secret recordings released to the public over the past 40 years. Their 700-odd page book (and website, is a treasure trove for historians, giving an inside look at the decision-making and personalities of the Nixon administration. The Nixon Tapes is a must for anyone researching US-Russia disarmament policy, or the Vietnam War, or the opening to China."

Wish I was surprised

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That's the least of my problems with the mayor's comments. Wish I was surprised by any of it, but I'm not. And he was the Ethics Committee chairman??


How the Hell was this guy a

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How the Hell was this guy a big time union rep without ever hearing that term?


State Government killing jobs intentionally?

Walsh's comments had me floored. He said the jury was wrong, and also that he hadn't followed the case closely.

If these guys really want to help us get jobs can they perform better with the state economy? You can almost believe that they are deliberately destroying jobs in order to increase their share of the power, because now it seems that to get a state job or a city job, you have to go to your representative and kiss his ass.


Looks pretty robust to

It's also foolish to assume any politician can have that much impact on an economy other than by massive stimulus.

The fed used to buy buckets of massholes during the cold war. They worked at missile factories like Avco.

Walsh was born in 67 and spent much of the Nixon era glumly hoping cancer wouldn't kill him as a kid.

Having made it past that little problem, he probably got swept away by other concerns.

Patronage has been around forever. Urban Democrats go for getting cousins jobs.

The Republican version tends to involve corporate welfare. Pick your poison

As chew toys go, I don't imagine this one will have much of a shelf life.


Try 1820.

It really began to fade when the Erie Canal was finished.

It has been posturing ever since, a lot like the article, excuse me, paper.

Real corruption tends to live at Beacon Hill.

Convention Center

This is the same crew that bought the line that the giant new convention center needs $1B ASAP to stay competitive. All of this spearheaded by a guy who makes more than the governor of the state who also retired from the MBTA with a $68k pension at 41.

There's a whole article on this at the Boston Business website, but it's pretty staggering. The tax payers are being asked to underwrite a group of special interest (convention authority, hotels) to guarantee their future business, a business which is totally fungible in nature.

I have always thought this

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I have always thought this man was a phony. Nothing about this mayor indicates he went to Boston College for an education. What a kook


Nice defense

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Interesting that the few responses I've seen to this article (here, Twitter, etc) that DON'T criticize the Mayor's remarks have taken the form of lobbing personal insults at David Bernstein.

If you think DB is wrong, how about defending Walsh's position? Or is that too hard?



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A jury convicts a man. He's guilty by the jury. Why would the mayor publicly state otherwise without any evidence? It's the kind of thing I'd expect an unschooled, immature kid to do...oh wait...


is a self important scribe writing to impress hipsters that don't know who he is. Perhaps you're unfamiliar with the difference between a state and federal trial. Federal prosecutors maintain a fat thumb on the scale of justice and by the way you need look no further that the Supreme Court to see the political bastardization of Law.

It's like he expected

..William Butler Yeats but ended up with Sean O'Casey.

It's not my side of the river but I've saw a speech clip and was impressed at how honestly awkward he is.

And when I was on that side of the river this morning, I was impressed that efforts were underway to address the human Frogger hell stretch of Cambridge st in Allston after it has sat there and killed or injured people for most of my life time.

These little details suggest someone in city gov is listening for a change.


Walsh never heard of unindicted co-conspirator? Of course not!

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As Chairman of the House Ethics Committee, Marty Walsh never heard of unindicted co-conspirator? Why do you think DeLeo put him in that job? While disgusting, the on-air comments were a smart political move by Walsh. History shows he will face little or token opposition after his first term and today's comments will be long forgotten. Still, he benefits from defending the good old boys who will never forget him as a stand-up guy. Doubtful that Carmen Ortiz will be around after 2016 which doesn't allow much time to prosecute anyone from the Walsh administration, especially since Menino's crowd was able to duck and cover for 20 years. Essentially Walsh is able to attack Ortiz and defend the despicable (but still powerful) with impunity. Don't be surprised if Jackie O'Brien emerges from Federal Prison after a short stint and joins the Walsh administration or some affiliated organization like Menino's kid at Suffolk Construction, etc. God Bless America!



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Now that Nixon has been brought up in the probation case has there ever been less qualified candidates to important Ambassador posts to Japan and Ireland than Caroline and Ted's sister Pat who was so pissed at Ted because she blamed him for getting her son Willie indicted for rape in Palm Beach she demanded that she be appointed Ambassador to Ireland. So its no wonder that Marty is wondering why O'Brien is going to jail for handing out probation jobs


Wrong Kennedy Sister

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It is Jean Kennedy Smith (not Patricia Kennedy Lawford) who is the mother of William Kennedy Smith and was Ambassador to Ireland.