Marty Walsh sign roils normally placid Readville

Walsh sign in Readville

Photo by Chris Walsh. See it larger.

The Herald reports a Neponset Valley Parkway lawyer has finally taken down his Marty Walsh for Mayor sign after at least one neighbor began complaining about all the Easter decorations festooning it - a few months after the sign was lit up with Christmas lights.

Another resident agreed the sign's time had past, but said it didn't seem much worse than all the Menino references he sees everywhere and which he says he can still see in his dreams.

Photo copyright Chris Rich. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.




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I noticed that

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..when I walked to Fowl Meadow a few weeks ago.

I just put it in your flicker file.

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It is killer right now.

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It's a wing of Blue Hills Reservation in Milton and Canton.

I was mainly scouting the potential extension of the Neponset River Greenway to the Canton 128 commuter rail stop where an easement was recently granted.

There were no mosquitoes yet and the strange temp extreme variations following the first warm days seems to have killed off the emerging ticks.

I was last there on the 22nd exploring the old highway stub that will be eliminated with a terrain restoration and the bikeway trail.

The main trail is a MWRA sewer access road called Burma Road and there are cross trails that lead to the river on one side and into a web of trails heading toward Blue Hill on the other.

The riverside trail is great, a simple single track thing.

This clip covers the segment in Canton where Burma Road meets the crossing.

It will be more of a challenge when biting bugs show up and I bet it's impressive in the fall.

It was great last winter.

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Any time.

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You're like the kindly conscience of the place so ask and ye shal receive.

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Cheap pandering to the new mayor?

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I can't say that I blame him. He's an attorney and business is business. I try to stay away from local politics although I do appreciate most of Rob Consalvo's initiatives like the ShotSpotter but excluding the initiative to turn valets into drunk driving deputies.

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