Lanes shut on Mass. Ave. Bridge as firefighters get somebody off the ice

The Boston Fire Department reports firefighters were dispatched to the Mass. Ave. Bridge around 11:35 p.m. when somebody noticed a person on the ice on the Charles.

Mission accomplished:

Person is tethered with a rope and is now walking off of the frozen river to shore. ... Unknown why person was on the ice. Police to investigate.



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Someone needs to die

I think that's going to be the only way people get the point that they shouldn't walk on river ice.

I mean, at midnight? If there was only a way to up the stupid factor of walking on a river...oh, I know, let's do it in the dead of night in a snow storm.


Way to prove my point

Playing Russian Roulette (putting one cartridge in a six-chamber revolver, spinning the chambers, aiming at your own head, and pulling the trigger) is dangerous. If you watched twenty people do it and live, you might think it's safer than the 1/6 chance of dying inherent in the setup. But it's just because you are bad at probability and statistics.

Dangerous isn't determined by the number of people who have succeeded in beating the odds.