MassDOT: Can't find evidence that anything fell from O'Neill Tunnel ceiling

After seeing a report on Boston Reddit from a motorist who said something fell and almost hit her car, maintenance crews went through the tunnel twice yesterday looking for evidence of something falling from the ceiling, a MassDOT spokesman says:

Our crews found nothing to indicate something had fallen from the ceiling of the tunnel and no debris or loose material on the ground to indicate anything had fallen. That was during rush hour, so they were driving through at low speeds and wouldn't have missed anything.

Today, we had our folks at the Highway Operations Center review video of the area for lengthy segments both before and after a time frame that this was said to have occurred. They also found nothing.

No one has contacted us directly regarding this. That said, we treat claims like this with the utmost sincerity but without much specificity, it makes it that much harder to confirm reports of debris. If you get any more information, please let us know.



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So what do we think, hoax?

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So what do we think, hoax?

If something that large fell from the ceiling, you'd be able to tell where it fell from, and they'd certainly be able to see it on camera.

Or ...

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Something fell off a truck in front of him/her ...

Which could well be a

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Which could well be a possibility, but then that wouldn't be something falling from the ceiling, now would it?


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But, if it were a lightweight object, it could be blown upwards before it fell. And, that might be enough to make someone think it came from the ceiling. For example, in winter, when truck drivers don't clear the snow off the top, the snow will often break off in large, thin chunks that get blown up 5 or so feet above the truck.

Who knows, though. I was skeptical when I first saw that post on Reddit, which basically looked like this: "Hi, a piece of the tunnel ceiling fell on me and I decided not to call 911 and report a potentially life-threatening condition... I figured it would be better to post about it on the internet instead. Please advise."

Exactly. Surely if some thing

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Exactly. Surely if some thing significant actually fell in front of this person they would have called 911 immediately.

I know I would have.

You don't need an account to

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You don't need an account to view the post. Just click on the link to it in the article above.

Sorry, I wasn't clear. I read

Sorry, I wasn't clear. I read the original on reddit, but as of this morning, no one had updated the poster that it had been checked out. Stuff on reddit spins out of control & into tinfoil asshat land so quickly, I figured it would help to stop (some of) it by posting that no evidence of falling ceiling was found.