Maybe the escalator was out of service

Dylan Manley was at Chinatown on the Orange Line and reports service was halted around 4:20 p.m. when a man decided to go from one platform to the other by way of the tracks:

He walked down platform on NB side, jumped onto tracks, and walked across to SB side.

The T shut power as police got the trackwalker off the tracks - which turned out to be a good thing, Daniel Borque, who was also at Chinatown, reports:

He fell on third rail being hauled out. It was turned off or he'd have been a goner.




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Was wondering what that was about...

Was at DTX when the T announcement stated service was delayed because of a "police investigation". Lot of people waiting to get on. Also pretty crazy that someone crossed the tracks that way!

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Full moon on the Orange Line

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Shortly before 5 p.m., service was halted north of the city as T cops swarmed a train at Malden with a guy who might have shown a gun. After searching the train and talking to riders, they determined there was no gunman on the train, but there had been a guy who was loudly exclaiming how he was going to shoot some people, only he got off the train at Wellington.

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t-reality show

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If the T was a reality show would it be a comedy or tragedy/

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