Maybe he just had a vasectomy and is, you know, especially tender down there

Seat hog on the Green Line

Or may he just likes taking a wide stance. Whatever the reason, Amy B. snapped the seat hog's photo on a crowded Green Line train tonight. And to answer your question, she didn't ask him to fold 'em up because she already had a seat.

I do ask people to move if I need to sit myself.



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    That's pretty low.

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    Would you make fun of someone with cancer? No? Then don't make fun of the mentally ill. Their illness is biological, and they really suffer. Do some reading at and educate yourself, if you are so inclined. Show a little bit of compassion and respect.

    As far as this person is concerned, he is a jerk, along with the the people who hog up seats with their bags and packages. I just tell them to move over.

    Thank you for the defense

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    I'm mentally ill and I function at a much higher level than most people who do not.

    If you would like to know what it's like to have mental illness while doing a very difficult and challenging job, volunteering in the community, having a social life and being a caregiver for a couple of family members, by all means, get in touch with me. My twitter handle is @nancy10272004.

    I look forward to hearing from you, anon.

    It's believable

    since the numerous pervert sightings on the T where the insane were literally showing fellow riders their nuts.

    Ya and 90% of female riders

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    With their multiple oversized hand bags do this. By the way, what the hell are you ladies lugging around.

    Well, let's see... once a

    Well, let's see... once a week, I get on the train with my granny cart and at least one other bag because I have been grocery shopping, for myself and two guys (11 and 50). Sometimes I have library books. School books. Just brought home 11 year olds new hockey stick. Dry cleaning, if I must. I try to time anything carrying a large bag to be after rush hour. So, you know, stupid useless stuff necessary to function in this world

    Predictable comment. Sigh.

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    Predictable comment. Sigh. Ladies lug around groceries, change of clothes for the gym, work shoes so we don't ruin them in during winter months, office work we need to do at home, etc. Is that too challenging for you to imagine?
    What was this space hog on the T lugging around? A sense of entitlement.

    Nice rational

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    Because guys don't go grocery shopping (we don't eat much), they sure as shit don't go to the gym (gyms were started by men) they don't wear leather shoes (I have rubbers, yes I said rubbers) and were all unemployed.

    Hey, would you mind cleaning the gutters and mowing the lawn, ya I thought so.


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    That would have been a awesome reply if either poster had said anything pejorative about men. I especially like how you mock them for (presumably) not wanting to clean your gutters. Take that, women!

    I'd be happy to clean the gutters and mow the lawn

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    So long as you do all the dishes, all the laundry, all the shopping, all the tidying up, and all other cleaning. Every day, all the time.

    I'm betting you think that is much less work than occasionally climbing a ladder or running a mower, as you seem to think you deserve a medal, so you'll be happy with that. Right?

    I once told a young man

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    I once told a young man taking up 3 seats that if they were that chafed, he might be more comfortable standing.

    If it was a crowded T, you

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    If it was a crowded T, you wouldn't have been able to take a picture of the person across from you, there would have been people standing in the aisle.

    great, can I start snapping pictures of all the women

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    ...whose handbag or yoga mat apparently needs its own bus seat during rush hour? Seriously, I'm tired of the sexist bullshit portraying men as somehow being more selfish.

    I've grown so tired of this that I insist on taking the seat if I see them doing it.

    "Move in, please."

    I get a GIGANTIC sigh and the kind of drama you expect from a 7 year old as they move - and dammit if they don't insist on getting up, making ME move in to the innermost seat, and then sitting back down...only to have to get back up because I'm getting off sooner than them.

    This happens to me, too, w/women & men

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    Yes, the exact same thing happens to me, too. Mostly with women (in their 20's-40's), but also with young men. Whether it be their big a** bag(s), gym bags, dry cleaning, wide-leg sitting, etc. The look, the sigh, *and* yes, their getting up and me having to sit by the window. I'm continually amazed at the general brazenness and lack of courtesy. SMH. And don't get me started with bus riders who insist on blocking the front of the bus, near the driver, and it's not that their getting off at the next stop, or even two. They're still there when I get off the bus 2 miles later.

    Standard commuter rail protocol

    (minus the faux drama and the sigh, of course) -- if you come onto a train and there's a person occupying an aisle seat with an empty window seat, the person in the aisle gets up, lets you into the window seat, and sits back down. That person was there first; he/she prefers the aisle seat; you got there second so you get the window seat.

    True story

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    We had a gentleman who patronized my place of work (fitness club) who would do this. He would work out a little, sit on a bench with his legs SPREAD WIDE, go into the locker room, sit & spread, work out, sit & spread, locker room, repeat as necessary for about 30 minutes.

    One day, we had extra staff passing through when he was there, and comparing notes, it turned out he'd repeatedly pushed the line with indecent exposure in front of two of us (the kind an offender can get away with by claiming it was an "accident", when really we all know it wasn't) and had pleasured himself under a towel in front of a third.

    We did take it to administration and fought to get him banned from the premesis.

    TL;DR: Some of these guys are doing it on purpose.

    How about the guy that doesn

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    How about the guy that doesn't get up for a women because he has to play candy crush on the train OR bus

    The Guy Who Doesn't Get Up For Women

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    Is this 1920? If you're old, inform, or pregnant, I'll get up for you. If you want me to get up for merely because of your gender, I'll do that when you give back your right to vote.


    Pot v kettle

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    Me, I appreciate people with manners and common courtesy. And that includes not treating me like a fragile flower just because I got a double helping of a chromosome. I like people offering me a seat when I have more bags than I can manage and still hold the pole. Or back when I was hugely pregnant in the summer or toting around a squirmy toddler.

    I like offering seats to those who need them more than I do. Gender is not part of my math on the subject.

    I think anon (not verified) on Sun, 02/09/2014 - 4:59pm sounds a lot more bitter than the guy making a joke. Which I found funny. I find it annoying when a man gets in my way in order to open the door for me. I'd rather he open it for himself and move through and keep it from slamming back on me rather than pushing it open and then standing half in the door. I just open doors if I come to them first and hold them a little longer if that will help someone else. Again, gender not relevant, we're all people.

    I totally agree and I'm a woman

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    We need to make up our minds. Do we want to be equal with men or not? We want equal pay for equal work but expect men to get up so we have a seat on the subway because of some antiquated notion of chivalry? Sometimes I feel sorry for guys these days because they must be confused as hell about how they're supposed to act towards women.

    I'm a big fan of manners and common sense but the subway is every person for him or herself with exceptions for those who obviously need a seat.

    He has every right to sit

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    I don't need nor want someone to get up for me just because I am a woman. Especially since the times it does happen it is usually elderly men who need to sit more than I do, and I have to insist that it is ok for me to stand.

    Manners and courtesy is to be aware of those standing, and get up for the ones who obviously need to sit, regardless of gender.

    Or maybe he's just a jerk...

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    Okay Adam, gotta call you on low-balling (see what I did there?) the journalism here...

    And I don't actually blame guys for sitting like this. Our society teaches them to do this, just as it teaches women to sit with their legs crosses, even if it means they're dangling a foot across the exit.

    Get over your crotch! Make room!

    I'm a fat bastard

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    I can't sit on a T seat w/o infringing on seat/person next to me.

    That's why I stand. Well that and the guys rubbing semen on the seat. But motly b/c I'm a fat bastard, not a rude bastard.

    Is this really something

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    Is this really something people complain about? I assure you men dont sit like this because they think they have big balls nor do they give a shit about the size if their testicles... that's just an expression. I'm not sure how women get it in their head that people do this for any reason other than comfort. I'm tall and have long legs and sit like this if nobody's next to me. If someone sits down or politely asks me to move my knee it's absolutely not a problem. However, I guess some people would rather take passive aggressive pictures or complain online instead. I guarantee this woman is either single or in an unhappy relationship becasue there's no way any sane man would put up with such a sexist whiny twat

    Be civil, you jerk

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    I *shouldn't* have to ask you to move over to make room for me to sit - you should assume another person is going to want to sit in the empty seat next to you when you are riding PUBLIC transportation. The burden of being civil is on you (and everyone else) when you're in a public place. Taking up more space than you're entitled to (one seat) places extra burden on me. Just...don't be a jerk...if you find that hard, well go f*ck yourself (but not on the T).

    Probably the same jerk

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    Who insisted on taking half my seat and then called me a "fat bitch" because he didn't want to fit in his.

    Of course I loudly called him out on that - I'm fat, but you are the one who doesn't fit in a seat and a half? Um. Okay.

    It's a stupid expression. I

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    It's a stupid expression. I used to say the whole "they need to breathe" thing all the same before I realized holy crap I sound like a jackass.

    I like how you complain about sexism right after saying that this woman is insufferable because she's probably single or in an unhappy relationship.


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    I'm not sure how women get it in their head that people do this for any reason other than comfort.

    Explain to us how is it comfortable to sit with the hard plastic raised edges of those seats shoved into the crack of your backside, such as what the guy in the photo is doing.

    I dont understand your point.

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    I dont understand your point. Youre suggestingthat this man is sitting this way to inconvenience other passengers or to dispay his massive testicles? I think he is simply sitting in the most comfortable position for him and there is no reason not to. If it is really that much of an issue for you to ask politely because "i shouldnt have to" (seriously, are you ten years old?) then simply start sitting down and the person will move their leg. If someone is sitting in an empty row on an airplane would you be upset if they rested their arm on your seat before you got there? You people are beyond ridiculous.

    Do you ride the T much?

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    Reasonable people will gladly move if you ask them to. Unreasonable people will pout and get all aggrieved no matter how politely you ask. How can you tell by looking at someone hogging up extra seats which one they will be? Many people will assume "unreasonable" and won't ask at all because even though they might really like a seat, they dislike confrontation more.

    I used to ride the bus on my commute every day and the aisle would start to fill with people who didn't want to ask someone to move over or take bags off the seat. And then the front of the bus would get packed with people who didn't want to feel rude and push past to the empty aisle in the back. I decided to throw self-effacement to the wind and push to the empty areas and indicate that yes, my butt deserved the seat more than your tiny purse/leg/enormous-sense-of-personal-space-required. Some people gladly shifted and others were jerks about it but did it anyway. And others would notice and shift over to make room and more people would sit.

    Which kind of ripple to you want to make in the world?

    In several years of bus

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    In several years of bus riding, only once has someone refused to let me sit next to them. Usually just looking at the seat works; otherwise, saying "excuse me" does the trick.

    It's really disturbing to me

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    It's really disturbing to me that someone would take a photo of a stranger and post it. This violates that man. Obviously the train wasn't full, and there's no evidence suggesting he wouldn't move if somebody wanted to sit. To the original poster: what do you value most? A seat on a train or basic human rights to not be sexually humiliated and talked about on the Internet without the right to defend yourself? That's right. You took a photo of a person without their consent, posted it to the Internet, and made a sexist comment that referred to his genitalia. Turn it around for a minute, imagine a man did this to you. This isn't okay.

    this is hardly news. was

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    this is hardly news. was there nothing better going on in boston today? the twitter commentary is getting old

    It's my experienced observation

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    that the clear majority of riders on trains and buses are female, I'd say by a margin of at least 3 to 1, maybe higher. Please don't take offense anybody with what I'm going to say next, it's not meant to be offensive and I'm not trolling: females in general, on average, are 'bigger' in the rear and hip area vs males, for obvious reasons. Females also often carry bags stuffed with their stuff. Whoever designed the seating and layout of especially some of the green line trains gave scant attention to these things, because the seating is very cramped. We also have a sizable population of 'big' folks. All this makes for an uncomfortable experience when trains are crowded, which is often.

    Did anyone try to sit down next to this guy, and did he refuse to budge? Because if he was compliant I don't see what the problem is.

    What about people (of either

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    What about people (of either gender) who sit with their slushy boots up on the seat next to them?