Maybe, sometimes, it's just better that the Red Line not be running

Transit Police report arresting a Quincy man on charges of gross disgustingness on an inbound Red Line train around 2 p.m. on Tuesday after a woman filed this complaint:

[W]hile traveling on an inbound Red Line train a male seated across from her began to masturbate while looking directly at her. This occurred in the vicinity of JFK/UMass station. Upon completion the male smeared the end result of his act onto the seat next to him and exited at either Andrew Sq. or Broadway MBTA station.

James Cox, 45, of Quincy, is scheduled for arraignment today in South Boston District Court on a formal charge of open and gross lewdness. Transit Police did not report whether they would bill Cox for cleaning the seat next to him.

Innocent, etc.



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Rode the Green Line yesterday

And felt a woman grope my butt as she exited at Copley. Didn't think much of it, I think we had bumped into each other somewhere back at Kenmore and thats typical on the packed trains. Anyway, I eventually sit down, ride to North Station and get to work, only to find that there is gum on my butt. Can't be totally certain that the woman did this but I always check seats before I sit down, soooooo yeah. People suck.


Are you sure you "bumped into each other"?

Are you sure you "bumped into each other"? I've been bulldozed and body checked by people who seem to see others in the subway as tackling dummies and other inanimate objects which are obstructing them. If that is how she saw it, it could have been some payback. Once in a while I'll lash back, verbally or physically, but I'm taller than most women. Some people go for a less confrontational approach that still gives them some satisfaction.

Pro-tip for Happy Urban Living: use your words. "Sorry" and "excuse me" go a long way.

Or maybe you just sat on some gum.


I've had many people

either refuse to make room for someone else to get by them on a crowded train, or refuse to make room for someone to walk by them in the opposite direction on a sidewalk, usually when there's two or more walking shoulder to shoulder together. They seem to literally think the person coming towards them on the opposite side will just magically disappear of float over them...or step out onto the street. If you stand your ground, they will then give the person with little to no room to pass them a dirty look, sometimes sarcastically say 'excuse me'. 9 times out of 10 it's a woman or group of women who do this. And I've said excuse me (not sarcastically) many times, and quite often get a glare or attitude in response. Again, it's usually a woman. I don't know where this sense of entitlement comes from.

Also, to no one in particular, it's a good idea to keep to the right going up and down stairs, on sidewalks, etc. This helps people avoid bumping into each other going in opposite directions.

And for God's sake, please cover your mouth when yawning on crowded trains, elevators, etc. And avoid private or loud phone conversations. Fellow passengers son,t want to hear you arguing, talking about your plans for the weekend, how much money you make, or your upcoming meeting with your probation officer.


Part Canadian

So trust me, there was a very sincere "Sorry about that!" from me, even though she bumped into me several times trying to adjust her massive bag that she kept down at everyones ankles. Not so much from her.

But yeah, theres a chance I just sat on some gum, so I guess my rabbling could be directed elsewhere.



I think I just threw up in my mouth.. really? rubbed it all over the seat?!? Yeah I'll be looking for white spots now on the T before I sit down.

He musta been really horned up to get off that fast start jerkin at JFK and get off (so to speak) at Andrew or Broadway.

And WHY does this always happen to women? seriously.. why isn't there some gay flasher/stroker who wants to flash guys? (Or for the str8 guys out there, girls that want to rub their boobies/ladyparts on some guy). oh wait I know why, because gay guys and str8 guys would WANT this happen, its not a thrill if its wanted.


This happens to straight guys

This happens to straight guys all the time, except more covertly. Probably every other week when its warm out, I will make eye contact with a girl seated across from me and catch a sly smile from them. Then they'll uncross their legs and slowly show me EVERYTHING, then re-cross them. I assume this happens to all guys since there's slutty college girls all over the T. Or maybe it just happens to the good looking ones, *shrug*

Excuse you. I'm gay and I

Excuse you. I'm gay and I certainly wouldn't WANT this to happen. I would get no thrill whatsoever out of a random creeper on the T masturbating across from me. Please take your insulting remarks elsewhere.




Also I wish I was on this train so I could've slapped some sense into this fool, shame on all the able bodied young men who watched this and did nothing.



There is a condition for this, its very common. Its called "Bystander Effect", people see something go on but do nothing. Its sad but happens a lot.

(I feel like I've had this conversation before..)


let me educate you for a second

While I get what you're trying to say. please speak correctly. HIV CAUSES AIDS. No one "gets" AIDS, they get HIV which causes AIDS.

Also HIV cannot live outside the body for more than 15 or so minutes. Its a virus and needs a host to survive. Without a host it dies. (This has been pretty well documented). If this was not true, every toilet seat from here to California would be a bio hazard and we'd have a lot more infections than we do now.

Also unless he shoots it into your eyes, in your mouth (with bleeding gums), or on a big open bleeding sore or cut, you're OK.

Sorry Sul, I know far too much about this subject than most... and can't stand misinformation about it being said.


As a supposedly civilized society you have to draw a line . . .

somewhere. Even by "Bystander Effect" standards, masturbating in public, especially clearly directed at another passenger, male or female, is um, ridiculous. I ride the subway at all hours of the day--I've seen people drink on the platforms, smoke on the platforms, a lot of crazy stuff. Yeah, ok, "Bystander Effect"--walk away--they're just (minus the secondhand smoke) harming themselves. But sexual harassment--I think that crosses the line; just saying.

Years of "well it sucks to be her" mentality is why Japan and India have women-only cars on trains during rush hour. People want to get their panties in a twist over Google Glass and the potential to use something in inappropriate ways, but when harassment is staring them in the face it's "look the other way."

Yeah, but

a lot of people probably figure that someone unstable enough to masturbate on a train in full public view might be violent when confronted. The best they could have done was that everyone in the general vicinity walk away to the opposite end of the car and turn away, since people like that tend to like having an audience.

I say this because I worked at a gym in Boston where we had a problem with this behavior, and they *all* get irate, scream, lean in your face violently, and deny when confronted. They say it was an accident, that you misunderstood, that you're being racist (if applicable), that you're out to get them and slandering them, that they'll sue you for defamation, that you're (list of rude names) etc. That's how people like this operate- to make the victim doubt what they saw, so the victim is fearful of saying something or being wrong and getting in trouble themselves. And yes, we did have situations where the staff making the accusation were punished for speaking up because the offender was a convincing enough liar to get off (literally) scot-free.


Whatever they felt like!

Defamation of character, slander, libel, racism, stealing their monthly dues, inequal access, ADA violation, whatever they can make up in their twisted little fantasy world.

Even if the charges are trumped up and completely insane, legal's going to have to pay them off to go away and avoid creating a twisted media scene.

About 10 years ago I was on

About 10 years ago I was on the Orange Line, spacing out, minding my own business, reading my book. We stopped at Back Bay and a few people got on. One guy stands right in front of this woman, and I didn't think anything about it. Train leaves the station. All of a sudden, a big burly guy stands up, gets in the first guy's face and says, "What the H*LL are you doing? Next stop, my friend, you're outta this train." Guy makes it seem like he has NO IDEA what the problem was, and that, oh, he was going to leave the train anyway at Mass. Ave. Well, turns out, that he was jerking off in front of that woman. I would never have had a clue, if that other guy hadn't made a scene.


I've been on the red line in

I've been on the red line in the early afternoon with 0-5 people in my car. Especially the stops south of south station - you don't get the tourists in those parts, and the commuters have already commuted, and the lunch crowd already ate. Its kind of a low point in the day.


Totally OT...

...but this reminds me of something from high school. The debate team was going out to Amherst for some state-wide debate-o-rama & needed to supply a certain number of time keepers. I tagged along in that capacity. Everyone met up in an auditorium to get instructions & assignments. The faculty moderator of the host institution was presiding. He had some sheets of info to distribute, so made the following request: "Will all U. Mass. Debaters please come down front?" Raucous hilarity ensued & he turned as bright a red as if he had been sunburned, not only from embarrassment but because he ended up bent over double he was laughing so hard.



Adam, you think you could get TPD to share a car number? It would be good to know if we should avoid sitting on car 1865 or whatever.