Maybe they could donate the proceeds to the One Fund or something

The Bath Cover

This is the cover of the February issue of the city magazine for Bath, England. Something about it looks very familiar.

The editors tweet today:

We would like to make an unreserved apology for any upset or offence caused by our latest cover. This was clearly not our intention.



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        So now any pictures of shoes arranged into a pattern are verboten forever?

        Not just any pattern

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        A very specific pattern that became quite justly famous for commemorating a particular city after a particular tragedy.


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        Which, in turn, was being monetized.

        If you were an artist,

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        If you were an artist, photographer, designer or owned some kind of physical commodity and found that someone else blatantly ripped off your idea – for profit – you'd be outraged. Or at least you should be.

        I had somehow not seen the

        I had somehow not seen the Boston cover before now, but I find it hard to believe that the editors of Bath's magazine hadn't seen the image.

        Also, why has "offense" become the catch all for any kind of wrongdoing? People are not offended by the cover, they're upset about the fact that you lifted the idea from another publication.

        It's not really offensive so

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        It's not really offensive so much as lazy. I'm sure the photophapher of the original would be annoyed

        Not Even a Real Apology

        Well, it's lazy, and just wrong to rip off another's work without crediting it (plagiarism, although I don't know if there's a different term when the work is visual art.) But it's not offensive. The tweet apologizes for any offense.

        Actually the tweet is not even a real apology. A real apology would be "We apologize for ripping this idea off of another designer. We were wrong to do that." Instead, all they say is, "We apologize if you FEEL like we did something bad."

        "The Bath Magazine" Cover

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        Ok I'll say it, it offends me that the blood of those wounded on Marathon Monday 2013 is on the sneakers and the "Bath Magazine" has the nerve to put it on their cover photo as if it were nothing. Being a true Bostonian, born and raised in my beloved city I take offense. I care, My family cares. My community cares.

        Re: "True Bostonian"

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        Somehow I get the feeling that a "true Bostonian" would never have to say
        that he/she was a "true Bostonian". We would just know you were as a matter of course.


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        Puhleeze. Yes, it appears they 'ripped off' the marathon thing, but I'm amused by those offended. And yes, I'm a 'real' Bostonian. Talk about getting your panties in a bunch.

        Enough with this faux outrage

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        This is literally the biggest non story on earth. And what the fuck is a "true Bostonian". I feel like the most likely person to say that would be from the suburbs anyways.


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        But really, they should donate $ to the OneFund, someone has to pay Dot Joyce's salary now.

        Right sentiment, wrong charity

        The One Fund has paid out its compensation to victims already, hasn't it? And since it isn't an ongoing charity organization set up to help with continuing issues, wouldn't it be best to donate to another first responder charity? I just wonder what would happen to any new money going into the One Fund since they've pretty much closed up operations and paid the victims already.


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        would one donate to a first responder charity? None of the first responders were injured except for a police officer who was shot by one of his own. As far as the One Fund closing up, they just announced yesterday they hired Dot Joyce, Menino's former PR gal. I highly doubt they're still planning on closing anytime soon.

        My bad

        I missed the mention of Dot Joyce, and of this news that they are re-ramping up for another distribution:

        And I just threw the first responder (which, to be fair, could be the American Red Cross or something along those lines, not just a charity for police officers) idea out there because it seemed strange to suggest more gifts to One Fund when, to my knowledge as of about two hours ago, that was pretty much a closed charitable organization. Now I understand why that would be the suggestion.