The mayor makes the most out of those new screens in his office

Marty Walsh and Pong

Image by Jed Hresko.

The Globe reported today that Mayor Walsh has installed a couple of "dashboards" in his office - wide-screen monitors that let him get a quick handle on key city statistics, such as complaints to the Mayor's Hotline and school-bus on-time data. The story was accompanied by a photo of him thoughtfully considering one of the screens.

Jed Hresko has been imagining other things hizzonah is seeing on his screens, including the latest data on whether Mike Ross is still sad about last year:

Mayor Walsh and Sad Mike Ross



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You stole my Atari joke. Great photoshop!

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Plain pun of plooping Pong

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Will City Hall ever reach the video heights of Space Invaders, Asteroids and Galaxian?

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Along that line...

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They send out the BRA/Zoning Board announcements as scanned pdfs....presumably these documents were in digital form and not typed out on a typewriter or run through the mimeograph machine (deeep snifff...) CAN WE PLEASE JUST SAVE THE DOCUMENT DIRECTLY AS A PDF FROM WORD SO THAT I DON'T HAVE TO DOWNLOAD HIGH RESOLUTION COFFEE STAIN SCANS AND LINT?? You could also cut and paste the text in the pdf as well. (and yes I was screaming the part in caps, because I'm angry!

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I used to work for a place

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I used to work for a place that made me print out orders that were emailed to us and then I'd have to scan them in and save them as a PDF so we could have a "hard copy." I told them I could just print the e-mail to a PDF file and they looked at me like I was stupid and insane and said "yeah, we don't do that."

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