Mayor Marty Walsh's Twitter Q&A #AskMJW





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We don't want to rile up the townie folk who don't take kindly to Adam reporting on the happenings in Good Ole' Southie!

1) The blog wasn't about southie

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2) A "Townie" is from C-Town

3) I'd love to see your reaction when people bash the loony bike crowd.

Take a lap on your "fixie" man..........

Cool story bro

1. The comment I was replying to was in fact about Southie, so theres that.

2. Just like "yuppie" has become a generalized term around these parts, so has townie. Get used to it.

3. My reaction certainly isn't to hide behind anon commenting while adding nothing to the conversation, nor accuse Adam of having a personal vendetta against cyclists. In fact, you can even look up my history and see what I've said on posts about bikes! The true benefits of a UHub login!

Remember to pick up your knuckles when you saunter over to the pub brosef

Really breaking those stereotypes eh?

Why, so I can park in f̶r̶o̶n̶t̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶h̶o̶u̶s̶e̶ your shoveled out spot and get my windows smashed in? No thanks.

Put a name to the comments or else we just get to lump all the anon posts into the useless commentary bin.

talk or walk?

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we're waiting for that address.......

"A "Townie" is from C-Town"

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"A "Townie" is from C-Town"

You shouldn't be proud to say something that stupid. It just proves you are a true townie who has never ventured outside of 495. They have townies in every place where dumbasses live.

Major cities

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aren't podunk college towns so the people who live there aren't 'townies'. Are UWS residents 'townies' to Columbia students? Or residents of South L.A. 'townies' to USC?

The only 'Townies' in Boston are people from Charlestown (capital t).

Open Public Meetings of City Council for hard of hearing...

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The Stenographic Services Contract Article 2.3 provides the necessary additional dictionary file is City Property.

Advocate for ever more open Public Meetings of Boston City Council for hard of hearing folks, tinnitis ringing in the ears, deaf, ESL English as a Second Language folks, concussion recovery, stroke recovery folks, folks with cognitive difficulty, dyslexic, attention deficit, elderly, folks in city neighborhoods far afield of City Hall, Hyde Park folks, Mattapan folks, Orient Heights folks, folks with difficulty to tolerate hard aggravating public seats of the Council Chamber sidelined for lack of access to the full plain English text Stenographic Record of the Public Meetings of Boston City Council.

Council Staff and City Stenographer haven't made accessible, withholding the necessary additional dictionary file for the Public Record that's more complete than too brief, heavily edited Minutes. The Stenographic Services Contract Article 2.3 provides the necessary additional dictionary file is City Property

It shouldn't be necessary to always be at the Public Meeting in person for access. Consider folks in far flung neighborhoods.

Stenograph Recording operators are more accurate than Captioning. The Captioning Sucks movement addresses the lack of advanced vocabulary of many Captioning operators!

Open the Public Meetings of Boston City Council to all !

A part restoration for hard of hearing users of the Stenograph Record at Public Meetings of Boston City Council &
interpolated dictionary

Opportunity to make more widely known the remarks of Councilors communicating their ideas at the Public Meetings of our Boston City Council and reply with feedback, suggestions, questions! Over 100 staff at Boston City Council none up to date with new technologies and software. Mayor Walsh sets a great example.

It was kind of

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a useless twitter exchange...not many answers, some short tweets with platitudes.

I get the feeling it's more for Mayor Walsh

I get the feeling it's more for Mayor Walsh to hear what's on everyone's minds than for getting answers but that's important too, right?

I was taken aback when the Boston Public Schools announced budget cuts. It came out of left field, and we're moving in the wrong direction.

Don't you hate when people

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sign their posts even though their name already is at the top of the post?

anon (not verified)

It's the same way a

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It's the same way a grandmother sends texts.

"Why haven't you called? Love, Nana"

(Although, I do see a lot of official Twitter feeds where tweets from the "actual" person are signed with a name, while others that are by staff are left unsigned.)