Mayor Walsh gets Sakladed


Mayor Walsh had a Facebook chat today. And look who popped in (because he's everywhere).

OMG: Don Warner Saklad catches his white whale

H/t. Gin Dumcius for the screen capture.



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We're entitled to know...

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If the Zak is now a mainstay of content here, we're going to need to policy positions from him.

Space savers - y/n?
Bike lanes - y/n?
Does he live in Southie?


Does he live in Southie?

If yes, please identify number of generations family has resided full-time in Southie without selling out to Yuppie interlopers.

If no, GTFO because only multigenerational Southie families are allowed to have opinions about the previous two questions.

What's this WE stuff anon-man?

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When you say "we", do you mean the borg-collective of anons? or the royal "we"? or do you presume to speak for the whole UHub community.

Personally, I find the Zak to be a generally endearing fixture, like the emperor of San Francisco. I worry about his mental state when his posting level gets too frequent and am oddly pleased when he seems to embrace a new topic. YMMV

Umm... he also happens to be right.

Sunshine is the best disinfectant, and the City Council has a pretty solid history of keeping the blinds drawn. It takes constant pressure from a number of obsessively dedicated folks to achieve change.

The bastards have built a

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The bastards have built a wall to rival that of East Germany's Berlin and fortified it with LEAD.

Yes, but ...

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The meetings Don is talking about, the ones with the stenographer, are available on both local cable systems and on the Web.

The search tool for finding items discussed in past meetings is a bit clunky, but does work, and when you do find what you're looking for, brings up the relevant audio/video of the discussion on the item you were searching for.

If you're so terribly

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If you're so terribly offended that those of us who don't see the point in signing up for a free account and have yet another login for a site that doesn't require it might be considered a part of the UHub community, then take it up with the management. This isn't an exclusive country club just yet.

Know the Zak

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The Zak is about information, and access to said information.

He does not need an opinion on space savers. He wants what the city has written on space savers.

He does not need an opinion on bike lanes. He just needs something, though not in map form, describing the City of Boston's bike lanes.

He does not live in Southie, but he does want descriptions of the wards and precincts of the area, and he will not accept that there are in fact maps that give this information.

Know the Zak!
Live the Zak!

Argument for opening the Stenographic Record of Public Meetings.

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Advocate for ever more open Public Meetings of Boston City Council for hard of hearing folks, tinnitis ringing in the ears, deaf, ESL English as a Second Language folks, concussion recovery, stroke recovery folks, folks with cognitive difficulty, dyslexic, attention deficit, elderly, folks in city neighborhoods far afield of City Hall, Hyde Park folks, Mattapan folks, Orient Heights folks, folks with difficulty to tolerate hard aggravating public seats of the Council Chamber sidelined for lack of access to the full plain English text Stenographic Record of the Public Meetings of Boston City Council.

Council Staff and City Stenographer haven't made accessible the necessary additional dictionary file for a Public Record that's more complete than the too brief, heavily edited Minutes. The Stenographic Services Contract Article 2.3 provides the necessary additional dictionary file is City Property

It shouldn't be necessary to always be at the Public Meeting in person for access. Consider folks in far flung neighborhoods.

Stenographic Recording is more accurate than Captioning. The Captioning Sucks movement addresses the lack of advanced vocabulary of many Captioning operators!

Open the Public Meetings of Boston City Council to all !

A part restoration for hard of hearing users of the Stenograph Record at Public Meetings of Boston City Council &
interpolated dictionary

An opportunity to make more widely known the remarks of Councilors at the Public Meetings of our Boston City Council and improve City Council Communications !

TheSzak, what

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about CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) for meeting transcripts?

Your favorite City Councilors' remarks in the Public Meetings.

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Stenographic Record makes it easier for folks farther afield in neighborhoods like Hyde Park, Mattapan, Lower Dorchester to learn more about their favorite City Councilors' remarks in the Public Meetings. Responding to the remarks with feedback, suggestions, concerns, questions, ideas is facilitated with access to the plain text full Stenograph Record instead of the currently available raw record without a needed additional computer file provided for in the Contract Article 2.3

See also


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I met the disability commissioner a month ago after waiting sixth months. She said she would get a TV to air the captioned broadcast with simultaneously with the meetings...still waiting on that.

Meanwhile her office is filled with pamphlets encouraging PWD to get involved in city government and activism. It's really frustrating!

Keep squeaking the wheel Don!!