MBTA to allow Randish anti-Palestinian ads after language tweaked

Boston Magazine reports the T will allow ads from an anti-Palestinian group now that it's agreed to modify a supposed quote from Ayn Rand that refers to "those engaged in savage acts" against Israel rather than just "savages" and to change a demand to defeat "jihad" with a demand to defeat "violent jihad."

The change came after a federal judge declined to force the T to immediately run the ads from the American Freedom Defense Initiative of New Hampshire.



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    because regular ol' garden-variety jihad is better than violent jihad. Kinda like "Classid Jihad" vs. "New Jihad Lite."

    Either way, at least now things are even because the pro-Palestinian ads that spurred these on were inflammatory in that they were factually incorrect.

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    Well, that's stupid. It's

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    Well, that's stupid. It's basically the same.

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