MBTA learning there are no winners in Middle East conflict

After battling a Palestinian-hating group for months over anti-Palestinian ads, the T is now drawing the ire of a pro-Palestinian group for taking down its anti-Israel ads a few days early.



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    Poster text

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    Anyone have a copy of the anti-Israeli poster text that was evidently the same caliber as the Pro-Israeli text calling Palestinians savages that got the first posters removed?


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    Ok, now, let's discuss.

    I posit that these three posters don't amount to the equivalent violation of the MBTA policy that the previous anti-Palestinian poster did.

    In reference, that ad said: "In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat jihad."

    The rule is that the text can't be "demeaning or disparaging". I'm having a hard time seeing what is demeaning or disparaging in the 3 posters linked above.

    Lesson Learned

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    By the T.. they shouldn't run politically charged ads like that.

    Like Abortion everyone has an opinion about the conflict in the middle east. And each opinion is different. Best just not to run either one.

    It's complicated because it's

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    It's complicated because it's a publicly-owned space and it isn't generally allowed to discriminate based on opinion. So, something has to be really defamatory, not merely controversial, to get banned.

    Thats why both

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    Thats why its both. You aren't taking a side when its both.

    if the T can ban Alcohol and Cigarette ads, they can ban political ones too.