Medford man indicted on charges he printed up thousands of counterfeit T passes

Casey Kolenda, arrested this past spring on charges he used a magnetic "skimmer" and large numbers of regular CharlieCards to create at least 3,000 bogus monthly Link Passes, was formally indicted by a grand jury yesterday for the alleged forgeries. Officials estimate the cards cost the T $225,000 in lost revenue.

Innocent, etc.



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Not the first

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There's was another family from Dot/Rozie that was doing the same thing about 2 years ago


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there is always someone being creative, what happend with that guy that was selling the cards on the black market also.

local contractors

You mean the employee of the

You mean the employee of the Commuter Rail subcontractor who was selling bogus monthly passes on Craigslist? Yeah, I was thinking about him when I read this story. Didn't the T report that it probably lost millions in revenue from the scam?

you don't need no stinkin passes

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Just get on at the following stations where there is no inspectors to stop you,
Oak Grove
Science Park

And Malden

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even has a door from the street level where you can get up to the Orange Line for free. It's supposed to be only an exit for passengers from the Orange Line, but there's nothing preventing anyone from entering.