Midwesterners tell us we should be excited that South Boston is getting New England's first Jimmy John's sub shop

The Flats on D, an apartment complex on D Street, reports it's filling one of its five retail spaces with a Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches shop.

H/t/ ClaireInBos, who says the news made her day.



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Consistency is king!

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i welcome them.
I have some neighborhood faves for different sangies but the eternal issue is consistency. For the love of God, make it right and make it right every time.

I'll exclude from my rant rand and shamelessly plug Carl's Steaks in Waltham.

They need a new category. Their steak and cheeses are truly incomparable to random nabe joints. Go. Be blown away!

Oh my god yes. They've

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Oh my god yes. They've ruined every other steak-n-cheese place in the metro area for me. Unreal subs. Burritos can probably hold their own against all comers, too.

Is that

The place near Suffolk Downs and Stop and Shop? If it's the one I'm thinking, I've driven by hundreds of times and always thought about stopping. Thanks for the heads up if it is, I love a good steak sub!

It's OK but not great. I've

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It's OK but not great. I've never been to Carl's despite working Waltham. I'll have to try and compare the two.

If You're At The Beach, Try The Santorini ...

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... They have a large menu that includes seafood, pizza, and salads; but The Santorini (on Revere Beach, up near Oak Island) also makes excellent subs. Ask for them "toasted". A few moments in their hot pizza oven gives the bread that perfect touch of soft-crispiness!

A block away, Kelly's is more famous, and also more popular*, but the food is much better at Santorini's, and items like seafood platters can be ordered with options like rice and salad instead of just fries. The Santorini has a pleasant, air-conditioned dining room with spectacular views of the ocean, and they also serve desserts/beer/wine.

* Kelly's is open until 3:00 AM - One of the very few places you can get food after midnight!


Is great, but I prefer Royal on Bennington near Constitution Beach. Super on an onion roll, game over man.

It is great.

I was there on 2/22. https://flic.kr/p/o2VLi6

It is all you described, earnest owners and some charming local olds holding court.

Kelly's is another of those over rated local 'brands' whose mediocrity is only surpassed by their longevity.

Sub shops are a New England folk food treasure.

I found one in my old crime neighborhood in Seattle and it was owned by people from here. The use of the word 'grinder' was the tip off.

There's one going into the

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There's one going into the new Charlesview retail space on Western Ave too.

I'm not too excited. I lived in the midwest-ish area for a while. Jimmy John's is okay at first, but has a weird taste that gets to you after a while. Not sure how to describe it.


My short sojourn in the Midwest last year introduced me to Jimmy John's and the only good thing about them was the speedy delivery. The bread is weird and the sandwiches are boring. They're fine if there are no other choices, but nothing I'd seek out.

former Chicago resident, its nothing great.

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Better than Subway but nothing amazing. Yelp will tell you its your typical 2-to-3 star sandwich chain. Its essentially a Subway that delivers and is slightly better. I'd choose a mom and pop shop over Jimmy John's any day though.


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Welcome to Boston! It's always nice to see people from other places living in Boston. Makes Boston what it is. Thank you.

- The Original SoBo Yuppie


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From Chicago just moved here. You should not be excited at all. Jimmy Johns are overly bready sandwiches and worse than Subway. Potbellys is one of the better Midwest sandwich chains (if you get the right sandwich ie the wreck or an Italian).

The best thing about Jimmy Johns

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is that they deliver in like 5 minutes after you hang up (in Charlotte anyway). I've never seen anything like it. Wonder how that will work in BOS traffic though.


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The above poster was talking about Carl's, not Jimmy's.

Ugh, so you're saying that

Ugh, so you're saying that Potbelly is BETTER than Jimmy Johns?? I didn't think Potbelly could be better than anything.

Color me, unexcited.

New England's first?

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A Jimmy John's opened up couple years ago on Weybosset St in Providence. It closed about 8 months later.

Geoff's! I used to work

Geoff's! I used to work around the corner from there. Not a good deal for my waistline....

But (and it's been a while since I've been to Provy, so things could have changed) Geoff's is all the way over on Benefit Street. It's quite a hike from there to Weybosset.

Come now

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10 minute walk from Weybosset and Dorrance to Geoff's on Benefit.

But I also thought there was another location. I may be mistaken, or I may be living in the past... not sure.

10 minute walk uphill, at

10 minute walk uphill, at least one way.

The only Geoff's I can think of is the one on Benefit. But, I also might be mistaken.

Am now officially hungry for a sandwich and wondering about Amtrak schedules.... :-)


...says people who'd eat anything slathered in ranch dressing


Ah, ranch dressing. I ordered a salad at a relatively upscale restaurant in St. Louis last year that I assume had ranch as the default dressing. I ordered it with a side of balsamic vinaigrette on the side. It arrived slathered in ranch, with a tiny cup of balsamic on a separate plate.

In conclusion, ranch dressing is the devil.

Hmmm...let's look

Jimmy John's Tuna Fish sub contains 35.5. grams of fat and 4.5 grams of saturated fat. The same sub also has a whopping 1800 mg of sodium for you hypertension sufferers, so let's get excited about a new sub shop opening kids!


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*West Coast-er high-five*

Steak & Shake

Save me from myself and don't let them open here! I love their burgers and fries as a road trip treat when I am in the Midwest. Actually, driving to CO next week for family vacation and already planning my first Steak & Shake stop. Someplace in Illinois for lunch on Friday.


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SoBo needs to step up it's game.

Lincoln Tavern = Stats = Shenanigans = Atlantic Beer Garden = Playwright = The Pizza/Sub Shops on every corner.

Maybe Lincoln is a step above...but nothing to write home about.

We need more places like Paramount and Franklin Cafe. Luckily the South End is only a short cab ride away.

- The Original SoBo Yuppie

Slightly better than subway

As someone else said, they're nothing special. There's one right outside my building now in Raleigh and I get sandwiches there when I'm in a hurry. I read a message board posting that basically said "All JJ's subs taste like bread and mayo" which is about right. Even their Italian subs are tasteless (how did they do that?) and they don't even have salt and pepper to put on them if you ask (really?).

Absolutely nothing to get excited about in Boston where you generally have at least one decent-to-excellent sub shop within any 1/4-mile radius.

Why would anybody go anywhere

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Why would anybody go anywhere but Joseph's on K , except maybe venture over to Day Square to Spinelli's for a chicken pram, mmmm good.

The only thing I really know

The only thing I really know about the place is that you can get multiple footlong loaves of day old bread for a buck. That's good croutin' bread

This is true. One of my co

This is true. One of my co-workers was raving about getting a big day-old baguette for 45c or something yesterday. The bread is good -- probably the best thing about the sandwiches -- but the rest is eminently bland. A good old-fashioned Boston sub shop is one of the things I miss the most down here. There's a chain called Jersey Mike's that makes a decent Italian, but nothing to compare with what you can get at almost any sub shop or deli in Metro Boston.

I gotta say, I can't do a sub

I gotta say, I can't do a sub (or, gonna out myself here: a grinder) from a chain operation. Nope. To me, they've got to come from a pizza place, and (for almost anything but a meatball) include shredded lettuce.

No reason to if you live in

No reason to if you live in Boston, or almost anywhere in New England. Y'all are fortunate to have such a wide range of sub shops, pizza shops, roast beef joints, etc. The only time I ever ate at a chain sub shop in Massachusetts was when I had a rehearsal space next to D'Angelo's in the Fenway. Where I live now, there are lots of independent places to go for BBQ, Mexican Food, and a few other things, but virtually all the sub shops and delis are chains. D'Angelo's would actually be a step up, as they can generally make a decent Italian, steak or burger sub.

Not sure you're going to see

Not sure you're going to see this comment, but...

I saw from another comment that you live in Raleigh. My sister and BIL live down there, and the last time I was visiting I noticed a place out on Business 64, east of Raleigh near Knightdale, that advertised "grinders." I was so shocked to see that term used outside of New England (indeed, I thought "grinder" was specifically a Western Mass term) that I asked my sister about it. She said that she knew someone who knew the people who owned it and supposedly they are from up north. She hadn't been there, but heard that the food is good. I did a google search and I think the place is called Rudinos. Turns out they have several locations, so that might be too chain-y for you.

Meanwhile, even though you can't get good grinders down there, we were impressed with the the Mexican food. Lots of really solid options that all seemed locally owned.


I just saw this comment...

We have Rudino's in my town. Bad pizza, haven't tried their grinders.

"Grinders" is actually a common term for subs down here, according to some of my co-workers. I had thought it was strictly a New England coinage but apparently not. They also call liquor stores "package stores" down here, although here, that term applies strictly to state-run hard liquor stores and not places where you buy beer and wine (which are called "supermarkets").

Used to order from there

in Syracuse, strictly because they were one of the only places that delivered until 3 or 4am. Which I'm sure Boston would squash immediately, lest we all turn into filthy heathens with no morals or values after a late night sandwich binge.

Regardless, to me JJ's is good, not great. But I'm sure for those who do love it, it has to be pretty exciting.

Jimmy Johns is alright

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They're not bad for a chain sub shop, in that they're literally the only big chain sub shop i'd ever eat at.

Still would rather frequent somewhere local though. We have enough options around here that theres really no reason to go to a jimmy johns.

Unless you're a tourist

Oh, Sbarro

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I remember when there was one in the Dedham Mall, back when that was a semblance of a real mall, with a Santa at Christmas and everything, instead of a collection of big boxes. I think I was the only person who ate there, though.

My one and only Sbarro

My one and only Sbarro experience was a pizza from the Sbarro's at the Auburn Mall, c. 1981-ish. And, we all got sick. Never again.

There's a Sbarro location (yes, and an Olive Garden, and an Applebees, and a TGIFridays,) in Times Square. I don't get any of it. I don't think of Times Square being a great foody destination, but go just a wee bit in any direction from there and you can get very good Italian food.


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