Might want to hide your phone when exiting the Stony Brook T stop

Police are looking for two guys they say politely said hello to commuters leaving the Orange Line station this afternoon before they settled on a particular woman, followed her home and then robbed her of her phone.



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...the T and the world would be a better safer place if everyone just kept their phones in their pockets...

great, it's happening yet again

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Remember a year or two back when gangs from Bromley-Heath were going up and down Boylston St. mugging people, so much so that Boston Police would be at one end of Boylston talking to a victim and the muggers would hit someone at the other end?

The Keystone Kops never found anyone despite it happening right under their noses. They're happy to tell us to be good little victims, though. And how about that big fat pay increase they all got?

First in the nation...lowest case clearance rate in the nation.

Who says they were gangs from

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Who says they were gangs from Bromley Heath? why would they go over to boylston st (i assume you mean the one in jp) to rob people when they could go the other way toward northeastern and get richer people/


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First, assuming it was gang related, isn't that Mozart Street territory? Bromley Heath is not really close. Besides, why do petty crimes when you are hooked up for the drug trade. Second, who's to say it isn't merely a few sociopaths who can make their marks well.

Most of Northeastern Univ. students aren't rich.

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I went to Northeastern University for a year at one point, and, although it was quite awhile ago, from what I remember, the vast majority of Northeastern University students came from moderate to low-income families. Inotherwords, they weren't rich.

When this happened back in

When this happened back in 2009-10, I don't think it was just one gang but was sort of a running, copycat thing with assholes from all over the city targeting Stonybrook. There were a few arrests.

Adam, I don't know if I'm remembering this correctly, but wasn't there speculation back then that it was some sort of criminal competition?

Look guys

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it's simple, they think you're easy (soft) targets, and you have $ and nice stuff.

Might want to come up with a better headline

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I mean, really? They followed her home. Not sure how much the phone had to do with the whole situation. A better recommendation is: Don't look like an easy mark.