Misty eyed over the old Government Center

Government Center graffiti

ElmerCat catalogued the fond graffiti people left on the walls of the Government Center T stop in the hours before it shut for a two-year re-do.

Copyright ElmerCat. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.



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That's awesome!

I was planning on being there and one of the last people in the station, but that didn't pan out. :( Thank you for sharing the final moments!

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I actually

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got a glimpse of that on Friday too when I paid Government Center a goodbye visit. Let's just hope people don't get too confused about all the transfers that will have to be done in its absence for the next two years, despite the fact that it's been advertised for over a month.

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Purely by chance I was there Friday morning when they were removing the big blue and white abstract "GC" panels from the downstairs behind the bench near the escalator. I recall when they first put them up also, circa 1970 when the station got a facelift the first time. I asked the guy where they would be going and he said "probably to some superintendent of the T".

The graffiti is a nice sentiment but I wish they had come up with something less cliched than "word up, one life, stay hood". I mean, really.

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Scollay Square

Loved seeing the remnants of the old Scollay Square mosaics. Hope they remain exposed.

Wouldn't it be cool if the T decided to dump the Government Center name and return the original name?

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I don't get all this Scollay Square worship

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As much as have a great sense of the history of this city, I never did get all this "let's go back to calling everything Scollay Square" thing. While we're at it, why don't we rename the Chinatown T stop "Combat Zone" in honor of that dear departed adult district? At least that was around in our lifetime and some of us had some fun there.

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Not "everything"

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Just the intersection formerly known as Scollay. Government Center is a dumb, sterile, anywhere, USA name associated with urban renewal and the gutting of the center of our city.

Similarly, the Combat Zone moniker is from that era. If you wanted to return it to its historical name it would be Washington/Essex, or just Essex.

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SquigglyPete had many a

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SquigglyPete had many a hookup there late at night. SquigglyPete will miss it.

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