MIT bans frat where drunk woman fell out a window; tries to work out deal to keep up smoot maintenance

MIT reports both it and the Lambda Chi Alpha national fraternity have banned the local chapter, Lambda Zeta, 99 Bay State Rd. in Boston, for five years for "conduct that does not support the fraternity’s priority of providing a healthy chapter environment for its members."

MIT does not specify just what that conduct was. However, in August, a drunken non-MIT student fell out of a third-floor window - at a time when MIT frats in Boston were not supposed to have drunken parties because of earlier infractions, such as a member of another frat falling four floors through a skylight.

The MIT ban means the students all have to leave the frat building by Sunday; college officials said they have already found on-campus housing for them.

Lambda Zeta is best known for the smoots on Harvard Bridge, which it first marked off in 1958, using the body of pledge Oliver Smoot. MIT says:

MIT will approach Lambda Zeta alumni and the [Interfraternity Council] to work out a plan for maintaining the famous “Smoot” markings on the Harvard Bridge, which were first painted by Lambda Zeta pledges in 1958, based on the height of fellow pledge Oliver Smoot ’62.



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    30 years ago, they were known as a massive "Animal House". Practically next door to where I lived, but I was only in there once.

    They even had an unlicensed vehicle with "chudmobile" spraypainted on the side that plagued the area. "tags applied for". Heh. Right.

    I guess they've managed to maintain their reputation over three more decades, but not the next half a decade.

    When I was at BU

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    we called them the "Treehouse Frat" because all the guys would sit on that balcony thing over the front door, drinking beer and scowling at everyone who passed by, only stopping to catcall some girls. Like a little boys' treehouse, NO GIRLS ALLOWED.

    Also, we once caught a guy easily in his 40s playing ultimate frisbee with them in the street, who also stopped to sexually harass my friend. It was so pathetic.

    Hmmm I doubt they were

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    Hmmm I doubt they were playing ultimate frisbee in the street, you probably don't really know what that is....

    I don't doubt it

    People on Bay State Road did things like that all the time.

    Had there been smart phones in my era, there would have been some very interesting footage during Hurricane Gloria ... like "selfie with tree falling next to me" and other blind drunk craziness.

    Having a catch with a frisbee

    Having a catch with a frisbee isnt ultimate just like throwing a baseball isnt a baseball game. Semantics perhaps, but we should try to educate the common folk who don't play....

    Jock frat

    When I was at MIT (and lived in the same house that SwirlyGrrl would later occupy), 'Lambchops' was known as one of MIT's two 'jock' fraternities. The other one was Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

    sig ep != sae

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    Sigma Phi Epsilon is the house called Sig Ep. Sigma Alpha Epsilon gord by SAE

    The funniest thing

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    was hearing the WBUR reporter refer to it as "Lambda Chi"--pronounced "chee" like tai chi.

    Are they really concerned

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    Are they really concerned about preserving the smoot marks? Give me a bucket of paint and I'll do it.

    wondering if...

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    ..falling out of a window constitutes "conduct unbecoming" of a frat?...certainly can't be sexual harassment at MIT because, as we learned, that's mostly catcalls and an occasional goose..

    lol SPOT ON

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    That post should be in Merriam - Webster's.

    If I had to guess

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    The corporation that owns the house will probably rent out the rooms to students from other local colleges (i.e. BU grad students) during that time.