Mmm, I could sure go for some Freedom Cholesterol


What should we call this stuff?

WBZ reports some Quebec liquor store has pasted Canadiens stickers over the "Boston" on six packs of Sam Adams.

That got Jeff Israel to thinking:

Alright citizens of Boston, time to rename everything in our city named after the city of Montreal! Ok I've finished.

Ah, mon ami! Romano's in Roslindale serves poutine, well, on weekends, at least, and with mozzeralla instead of curds, but still. But until the Bruins win (hey, wonder if there's anybody named Owen in Montreal), guess we'll have to call it something else.

Amy Deveau, who notes the Gallows in the South End also serves poutine, suggests:

It's so good, we can just rename it crack fries. Or hangover fries. Or drunk fries.



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    "It's so good, we can just rename it crack fries."

    Um, it's Montreal, not Toronto...


    I can't hate on "Montreal" Pizza

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    We went to the one in less than cosmopolitan St. Jean-sur-Richeleau Quebec in January. I don't know a word of French, and they were indeed afraid of speaking English (not that they didn't want to, there was fear in their eyes), but they were the nicest people and we had a great time.

    I can't diss the actual pizza either. It didn't suck, but then again I like Dominos. I'd go back.

    The best way to get English help in Quebec

    Make a pathetic attempt to communicate in French first. I have found that I get far more enthusiastic help that way - they appreciate that you acknowledge that you are not in the US or Anglophone provinces first.


    Boston Pizza

    Boston Pizza is horrible. I go to Toronto once a quarter for work and I've had a slice. Cardboard.

    That's ok

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    I'm sure they feel the same way about us calling what Adam pictured "poutine".


    Well ...

    It was the best pizza I had in Alberta.

    Which isn't saying too much.

    Moar Poutine

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    They've got it at Centre St Sanctuary in JP, too. I'll have to see if they're willing to change it for the series.

    Bergey Fries do sound good, but Thorty Fries might be better - they'll kick your butt into next week! Then again, both of them are Canadian.

    How about Zee Fries (Slovakian)? Or maybe Pacioretty Fries because you'll be calling 911 after you have the heart attack? And he's from the Good Ol' US of A!

    Montreal Bagels are legit.

    Montreal Steak Seasoning is not.

    I do think we should make our city more tourist friendly to the jerky Quebecois and turn Newbury St into Rue Ste - Catherine for a few weeks.


    Club Super Sex

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    But where would you put the equivalent of Club Super Sex ? Also, none of the stores are as big as The Bay.