Mommy why can't I go outside? it's hot in here...
you can't go out, I told you, why don't you hear?

there are bad people out there with guns
shooting and killing,
and I'm scared for you
I know mom, isn't there something you can do?

no, son, just stay inside, stop asking, go watch TV
there's nothing I can do why can't you see?

we call the police, the bad people run
they hide, then the police find no one

we can't move yet, your father's job is close by
he's working hard. we have to wait and just try

just try and stay safe every day
look out for each other in every way.

get away from the window!
the bullets could come in that way too!

mommy why is it so bad?
what we going to do?

I don't know son, we will just watch and pray
try to be safe, to live another day....