A more pedestrian-friendly North Washington Street bridge in the works

Not for today, but one of these years, since the city would have to get state funding first, but the Globe reports city engineers are working out how to replace the old be-girdered span with something a bit friendlier to acrophobes and other pedestrians.



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$90 million???

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Is that the politician's price?

If they are saying $90 million, my guess is the real price is somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 million by the time it's done.

Sounds like a nice project, but I highly doubt this will end up costing anywhere near $100 million.

" “Calling it the North

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" “Calling it the North Washington Street bridge shows we have no imagination,” he said. “We can ask lots of people: What should we name this bridge?”
The Little Bridge !


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Make it a single span cable stayed bridge and we can name it after Lenny's son, now city councilor, Josh Zakim.

It' s also known as the

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It' s also known as the Charlestown High Bridge, because there use to be a Low Bridge on Warren (where the dam is now)

not quite

The Charlestown High Bridge was the old I-93 bridge, replaced by the Zakim as part of the Big Dig.

The existing Charlestown Bridge is the "low" bridge -- originally a drawbridge, though that hasn't operated in many years.

Nope, the Charlestown High

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Nope, the Charlestown High Bridge was the old 93 bridge, torn down after the Zakim opened.

Back before there was a

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Back before there was a highway bridge, the present North Washington St. bridge was the "high bridge" and the Warren St. bridge was the "low bridge". The old Orange Line "Charlestown El" went over the North Washington bridge (the spans for it are still in the center section) and it was called the "high bridge". Here is a link to a book excerpt that references that:

I prefer to call it the Ben

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I prefer to call it the Ben Affleck/Jeremy Renner Getaway Bridge - the one Jon Hamm desperately tried to shut down in 'The Town'

Seriously though, once they replace this one, can they also start thinking about doing something about the Northern Ave bridge? I just passed by there yesterday near James Hook and its an absolute disgrace to look at.

Thank You!

I agree. The Northern Ave Bridge is a complete disgrace and eyesore.

Years ago there was talk of taking it down because it was in such a decrepit state. But a bunch of do-gooders felt it was an historic artifact that needed saving. So Menino capitulated. They put some LED lights on it and called it a pedestrian bridge. Its still a decrepit bridge but now in technicolor.

North Washington is one of the few gateways into the city from the North. It is invaluable when the lower deck is backed up. But it badly needs to be replaced.

While we are at it, how about

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While we are at it, how about a pedestrian/bike bridge connecting East Boston and Charlestown, finally linking East Boston to the rest of Boston for pedestrians.

I call for a zipline

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connecting Eastie and Charlestown. It would be so easy to get my daughter to and from lacrosse practice that way.

Heck yes

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I second the zip line idea!


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are made of candy and unicorns and bike bridges..

but honest to crap that's like the one thing keeping me and a few people I know from ever moving back to East Boston, much as we might have enjoyed living there. If only.. if only..

One if by land, two if by sea...

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Considering that it's located at about the very spot as one of the most famous crossings in American history, it should be named for Paul Revere.

Good call

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I like this one. Works well with the Freedom Trial tie-ins. In fact, having a sign up as part of the Trail mentioning that it closely overlaps with the boat ride he took to his horse would be a boost to the Trail in that section too. Right now it's just a long walk from the last stop in the North End to the Navy Yard.

I'm not markk02474

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He heMore like markk02131 and don't drive. Plus spent almost 2 years riding the 92 and 93 buses daily.


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Well if we're looking for pie in the sky, I need a flyover from Back Bay to JP so I can avoid all you plebians.