A more sedate flyover

Helicopter over Fenway

As today's game approached, a teacher at the kidlet's school opened a window so the kids could better hear the flyover at nearby Fenway Parik.

Only they didn't hear anything - because unlike in years past, this year's flyover consisted of a Coast Guard helicopter, captured here by Brian D'Amico.

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Could have flown over one of

Could have flown over one of their new planes instead of a helo. I love seeing Jayhawks flying but a single helicopter for an event flyover is unimpressive (bear in mind, I have fighter jet flyovers in my recent memory at Fenway)

I like the helicopter

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It was more up close and personal. And I agree with the previous poster; my cousin is Coast Guard, and I loved that they got the spot-light this Opening Day!

Don't get me wrong, I love

Don't get me wrong, I love helicopters, but as a Fenway resident and fly thing enthusiast, seeing a single Jayhawk helicopter over Fenway felt ordinary, I've seen it before, I think I saw it happen last week for no reason at all. I'm sure it looked great inside the park.

What, by the 5th series will

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What, by the 5th series will they drive an old police cruiser around the warning track and call it a day?

There is a simple reason.

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There is a simple reason. After all the budget cutting and restructuring of the military last year the military for a while stopped all flyovers air shows etc. Last years opening day flyover was a group of 3 P-51 mustangs which were privately owned by a group. The military has started doing some flyovers again, they did one at the start of the World Series last fall for instance, but they are no longer doing them for every sporting event. NASCAR used to have a military flyover at every race and they had none last year. It was much more cost effective to get a local Coast Guard helicopter than to pay for the national guard out of Vermont for a multi jet flyover.

I wonder if it was partially

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I wonder if it was partially also a response to the shut down and budget issues of last year. The Blue Angels have been having more issues getting out and doing their flyovers because of the high expense associated with their performances.

Also, the Coasties are just down the street...local is convenient and in some ways, better.

Flyovers are wasteful and risky

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“What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value." -- Thomas Paine

I'm glad they've cut back on the flyovers as they were getting trite. In the beginning it was nice but they became far too common. Red Sox, Patriots, almost every large outdoor event. I'm surprised they didn't put a retractable roof on the Garden to get them over there. We've all watched terrible accidents at air shows, God forbid one of these military planes ever crashing into a packed stadium. Honor the military by having an honor guard post the colors pre-game but save the expensive planes for serious business.