Morning commute features dead trains on Orange, Green lines, broken track on Lowell Line

An inbound Orange Line train lay down and died this morning at North Station. Jennifer, who was on the train, reports:

They said “train is out of service”, but not letting anyone off. WTF.

The driver then came by each car and opened one door to let riders exit.

A Green Line train headed to Cleveland Circle decided it like Park Street just fine and refused to go further.

On the Lowell Line, a section of track made like a bad tooth and cracked.



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This is getting absolutely

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This is getting absolutely ridiculous at this point.

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Getting absolutely ridiculous?

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It has been such for a good long while now, but nothing will improve until more people realize it. That is why I liked it when Adam used to post these stories under "Our Crumbling Infrastructure, Vol. 345" or some such, because it emphasized just how bad (and frequently bad) things have gotten.

Now for my standard gripe: we are wasting the golden age of rock-bottom interest rates to rebuild our infrastructure. What we could borrow now at 2-4% we will be forced to borrow at something much higher than that over the next few decades - not to mention that labor costs will be significantly higher when the economy returns to robust expansion mode (which is when the political winds will shift and the infrastructure improvements will become more politically palatable). How incredibly short-sighted of us - if we had started building, say, a bonafide high-speed rail system for the Northeast Corridor in 2008 (just one of many examples), we would be getting ready to enjoy its benefits now just in time for the cyclical economic expansion.

What a wasted opportunity.

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Call your State Reps, Call your state Senators

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If most people did this every time this happened, some notice might be taken.

Perhaps it is time for a transit rider's union - one that takes out placards with this information.

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Ludicrous is more like it, imho.

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We're paying more and more for worse public transportation, which is ludicrous, on the face of it.

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