Morning trains get a wake, riders left to stew and bake

Crowded Davis Square Red Line stop

The scene at Davis. Photo by H.

Around 7:50 a.m., a Red Line train ascended in Elijah's whirlwind at Alewife. That was about an hour after train 804 from Providence breathed it last, leaving commuters just hanging around Mansfield until the 806 could get to them, as Joe shows:

Waiting in Mansfield



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Providence Line

804 broke down, they tied on 806 but the total consist failed a brake test. 806 was then attached to 808 and is now operating late and overcrowded.

Wake and Bake.. my daily morning routine.

And I set out at 6:45,

Riding shanks mare to Market Basket in Union Square.

Where all was serene.

A loop hike got me back as morning's bike commute intensified.

With groceries in, I breezily get to go and hide.

Two weeks until the fare hike!

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If these (or the next batch of) unlucky commuters are still stranded in a train or on a platform when the fare hikes take effect, does the T plan to collect the extra coins right there, or will they charge an old-school exit fee?

I had the same thought as I

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I had the same thought as I waited more than an hour for a train this morning. A friend said MBCR refused to transfer paperwork to Keolis, so every employee had to fill out new forms. Sounds like the sour grapes are on the vine.

This isn't unusual/incorrect.

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This isn't unusual/incorrect. Remember they are being rehired by a totally new company. His has happened each time. B&M (and other locals) -> Amtrak -> Mbcr -> Keolis

It's just like your contract ended at work and you got rehired at the same place.