Moron triggers a few dozen calls to 911 by shooting off fireworks from top of Roslindale hill

The area around Grew Hill on the Roslindale/Hyde Park line was rocked by several loud booms shortly after 5:30 p.m., apparently caused by somebody firing off the largest shells he could buy in New Hampshire or some other godforsaken place from Grew Hill Road, at the top of the hill.



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      I'm on Fairmount Hill in HP

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      I'm on Fairmount Hill in HP and I swear I heard 7-8 distinct gunshots (definitely NOT fireworks) around 3:30 this morning. Anyone else? Haven't seen anything about it but BPD had several calls.

      Glad its only...

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      fireworks, we heard it down here near cleary and worried it could be gunshots - though it sounded a bit off. Do you know if they found the culprit (teenager i'd guess)?


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      Yeah, thanks so much idiot for making my elderly beagle afraid for her life, shaking and anxiety ridden. Real cool.


      Did these sound different

      Did these sound different from the Roslindale Mystery Booms of 2012? I remain curious as to what those actually were (the source/cause was never discovered, right?)


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      I had thought they pinpointed the 2012 booms to transformers on poles, but maybe that was just speculation.

      I never heard those booms, so can't tell

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      I think one of those mystery booms turned out to be a rather large firework set off in the park, but the rest, no, never pinpointed.

      As for last night's, to me, they sounded like, well, big fireworks shells.

      shot spotter

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      does the shot spotter register fireworks?


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      But a) it's not always accurate and b) it doesn't cover the entire city, and I bet this is one of the areas not covered since it's hardly a high-crime area.


      most residents of New Hampshire consider Boston to be a "godforsaken place" too.



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      It's New Hampshire and its "we live free, YOU DIE" attitude that helps make life in MA and Boston so crime ridden. When the freedom lovin' funsters aren't selling fireworks/bomb making materials to people on the FBI watchlist, they're selling guns to anybody and everybody that not surprisingly, make it over the border into MA and are used to commit crimes. It's always interesting to look not just at states with "tough" gun laws, (that conservatives will denounce by pointing out the crime) and then noting their neighbors with lax gun laws that are more than happy to turn a blind eye in favor of a hastle free, streamlined sale.