A Marathon tribute motorcycle

Boston Strong motorcycle

Stevil photographed some of the bikes at the Northeast Motorcycle Expo at the World Trade Center over the weekend.

Copyright Stevil. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.



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Motorcycle dudes love

Motorcycle dudes love commemorating stuff like this. I assume because then their wives can't complain as much that they're going to go ride their motorcycle hundreds of miles for no reason, because it's for a good cause.

What did you creat as a tribute?

Just wondering. Everyone has their own Personal way of commemorating events that they hold dear. I don't personally ride a bike but I still think its cool someone took the time and personal financial sacrifice to creat this. Even if its ugly, their heart is obviously in the right place. Don't knock things you don't like just because you don't understand their mentality.

Put up or shut up bubb.

Stop with the cheesy memes already

Slogans like 'Boston Strong' and the one on the bike above have been completely co-opted and were pretty lame to begin with. Some things shouldn't be trivialized. Bombs crippling and killing people shouldn't be used to sell and move product. Enough of the Disneyfication of Boston and America.


Boston Strong is on the tank

Who knows when the bike got painted - it could have been done when less of a cliche'. Understand too the motorcycling community that often leads in toys for tots charity rides . Many are working class, vets, cops, firemen, and other first-responder types. Many still "never forget" VietNam and the MIAs, so the Internet news cycle is a mere blink of the eye for them.