Mulch erupts in flames on Back Bay roof

Around 3:45 a.m. at 285 Beacon St., Stanley Staco reports. Firefighters made short work of the mulch.



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Rock is heavy

Roof decks have weight limitations.

That said, if it is just a small amount, decomposed granite would be a good choice. There are also recycled tire/rubber mulches that are vastly less flammable (possibly less than the rubber roof membrane itself).

Swirls , pea stone , thinly

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Swirls , pea stone , thinly raked out. Before rubber membranes , they used to heat pitch and cover it with the pea stone, 3/8 ths, pond wash is nice , but crushed if you can't find it. I use it myself instead of hot top, trailer loads of it. As I said , stone is our friend !


Not my friend

When I'm barefoot, gravel is not my friend. If I had a penthouse in the clouds with a hot tub on the roof, I would definitely want to go to and from it shoeless.


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Yeah that's why there are roof decks with hot tubs and gas grills which weigh a lot more per square foot than stone mulch.


Rubber mulch, made from

Rubber mulch, made from recycled tires, reacts with automobile exhaust and causes it to off-gas some pretty nasty stuff. Why anyone uses it is beyond me. And to suggest hauling that crap up to your roof....idiotic.


How do you figure that?

What was on fire? How big? Do you have info beyond what's reported here?

"Mulch on fire" could mean anything from dry straw spread a foot thick all over the roof (in which case the "morons" reaction would be entirely appropriate) to a half gallon pail of shredded bark to be used in flower pots and window boxes, in which case maybe calling the inhabitants "morons" might be a little out of line, eh?


It was a flower pot with

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It was a flower pot with mulch that caught fire, from a cigarette butt.


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Should ban all roof decks.