My trip to drop off Globe Directs at Morrissey Boulevard will have to wait

I've been married long enough to know the importance of communication. So I probably should have told my wife why I was letting Globe Direct bags pile up on the porch, because then she might not have made the (usually correct) assumption I was just being lazy and so threw them all out - which means I have nothing to deliver to the Globe on a trip to Dorchester today. Globe Direct still sucks, though.



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      Good try.

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      Those flyers represent a lot of ad revenue for the Globe which newspapers have less of these days. They won't turn down ad dollars because someone doesn't like them. It would have made you feel good though.


      You know what would really make me feel good?

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      If the stupid things stop showing up on my porch. The Globe's right to stay in business stops at my nose, and, yeah, it's annoying that phone calls, e-mail and Twitter interaction have all failed to stop them. The Globe does its advertisers no favors by delivering to a house whose occupants just drop them in the recycling (the actual circulars) and trash (the bags) without even looking at them.


      It's glorified littering

      By on addition to being about as viable as a buggy whip factory.

      But the right of assholes to grub money however they see fit shall not be thwarted by you miserable consumption units as it is endowed with the mighty mystique of self aggrandizement and avarice that made America what it is today... a toxic predator capitalist shithole.

      But keep humping the free enterprise chicken and don't forget to emit a few screeches about regulations while you're at it. Those are priceless.



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      Maybe you could earn some money writing a book. Maybe you just have fun slinging negativity.

      Follow the money

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      The Globe does its advertisers no favors by delivering to a house whose occupants just drop them in the recycling

      The advertisers are who everyone should be targeting. If they stop spending money on Globe Directs, then the Globe won't have money to print the damn things. It's either that or city governments have to step in.

      The advertisers pay for the

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      The advertisers pay for the number dropped, not the number read. They know many are unread. A three percent return on direct mail is good.


      They used to send them via postal mail which made them show up in my mailbox. Annoying but at least it was easy to recycle with all the other junk mail.

      Now they include them in pink or clear bags which sometimes are at my door, sometimes on the walk, and sometimes in the yard. They'd need to be separated to be recycled and they are prone to getting wet which means I need to pick up soggy bags of pulp that more often then not has left a mark on the grass or steps. It's real fucking annoying, akin to having someone's dog shit on your lawn and leaving you to deal with the mess.

      They have no right to do this. It's not freedom of speech to throw trash in front of my house and I don't want to indirectly pay for their products by someone soiling the town's front steps and yard.

      This might not be the crisis of our time but it's the type of pointless annoyance which can and should end.


      Still in postal mail...

      ... out here in the 'burbs. As someone who actually uses some of the ads (the grocery ones), I don't mind getting it in my mailbox.

      If such a bag showed up on my steps, it would go directly into the recycling bin; by the time I get to those "things in bags", they're usually filled with ants or spiders or snails. Thanks but no thanks.


      What about returning all the

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      What about returning all the Globe Directs to one of the advertisers in there. The best way to get a company that survives on ad revenue to change their ways is to make their advertisers know.

      Not fair

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      Not fair. Globe Direct is the ONLY place I can get the Market Basket flyer, without it, I'd have to go to the store to get one. (or look online).

      Why chastise a business for the globe's miss management. I'm sure Market Basket has had a long standing contract with Globe and Globe Direct. How much you want to bet their contract with the Globe includes flyers in the sunday paper and Globe Direct?

      I'm sure advertisers are not happy about flyers (that THEY pay for) get tossed because people hate the bags.

      I think in a previous thread, someone contacted Shaw's about this. I might do the same for Market Basket.

      Grounds for Divorce?

      Does the wife not read UHub?!? That might be grounds for divorce right there. Everyone knows what a great form of communication Universal Hub is.



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      I think you just found a volunteer to take the next batch to the Globe now! ;)

      Oh, dude, I feel for your

      Oh, dude, I feel for your wife. Maybe that's why my husband is letting all those magazines pile up. He's about to stage a protest somewhere.... I hadn't considered that.


      Only because I subscribe...

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      Yes they should be able to tell who doesn't want them and stop delivering to those houses. However, I have to say, that if I wasn't already getting all those same flyers in Thursdays actual newspaper, I would welcome the GlobeDirect packet. How else would I know what's on sale at the store?

      You know what else, I like billboards too (seriously.)


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      Funny last night I was in Somerville at a friends house. We were having some beer on his deck, and the globe direct folks came by..

      the words out of my friends mouth was

      "oh good here come the weekly globe litterers"

      But to the point, we talked about how there really is no way for the Globe to tell these folks to STOP delivering to certain addresses because they'd now have to keep a list and keep track. Too many things that would just prevent this from ever actually having.

      I wish the globe would just go back to US Mail. Was far easier..

      Well, it's probably underpaid wretches

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      ..working on piece rates with beat up cars.

      That's usually the deal. They load you up and you get whatever per unit. When I flipped phone books all over Lawrence in the 80s it was 5 cents a book.

      The incentive is to kick the suckers out fast and on the lawn is good because then the goon who checks up on you knows you hit your area.

      At the end of the day, this is a bunch of stuff that is doomed.

      Junior over at New York Times is moving deck chairs and the Glob is probably trying to stave off a complete keel over.

      Remember when dumping

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      Remember when dumping unwanted items on somebody elses property was called littering?


      This just in, from the

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      This just in, from the Cambridge Recycling newsletter:

      Globe Direct Responds to Concerns Raised
      Due to concerns raised about unwanted deliveries, excessive deliveries and plastic bags, the company has instituted the following changes regarding their weekly advertising circular:

      1. All calls to 781-646-6769 to stop delivery will be immediately honored.
      2. Plastic bags will not be used if the weather is good.
      3. Deliveries will be left on private property, not public sidewalks.
      4. Delivery operators are now instructed to pick up any old deliveries that have not been taken in during their next delivery.
      5. Retrieval services will be used to pick up excess deliveries when there are complaints from the community.
      6. Disciplinary action will be taken against delivery operators of they fail to comply with these rules.

      I'll have to try it and let you know how it works.

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      Because I'm in a multi unit building, I just found a nice strew on the stoop.

      It does sorta resemble the manic scatter shot blast of a doomed thing... subscriptions are tanking.. ad revenue is down...our analytics data is crap... I know... cry havoc and let slip the shitboxes of Globe Direct!

      Take them to Brookline

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      Why not deposit a gigantic pile of them to the Brookline doorstep of the paper's owner?