Navy cargo ship spills 11,000 gallons of oil in South Boston drydock

The Coast Guard reports that the USNS Fisher, in town for some repairs, began leaking the oil yesterday.

The ship, in drydock off the eponymous avenue in South Boston, got quick attention from the Coast Guard, the state Department of Environmental Protection and Boston firefighters, after the leak was reported around 9 p.m., the Coast Guard says:

Response teams placed 600 feet of double boom around the dry dock to ensure no oil enters the water and six commercial vacuum trucks were deployed to clean up the spill.



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    I drove by that boat on July

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    I drove by that boat on July 5th in the Harbor on a freinds boat and there was a putrid smell of Fuel and a boom around it. I think it was leaking well before yesterday.

    You are correct, it was the

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    You are correct, it was the USS Oak Hill - I just googled the picture of it.

    Thanks for the clarification.

    Negative. Yes the oak hill

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    Negative. Yes the oak hill was in port, but it was the fisher that had the oil spill. The fisher is in dry dock..

    Re-Read the Article

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    You have your facts confused....the vessel that experienced the leak was IN the drydock, and the oil that leaked was contained within the dock. It did not get out to the harbor. The booms around the entry to the dock were installed as a secondary containment measure.