Never mind the chicken, why did the turkey cross the road?

Turkey on Morrissey Boulevard

Good gravy, as if traffic on Morrissey Boulevard weren't already bad enough, Lorenzo Charlie marveled this afternoon.



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    These ...

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    ... are not members of the TLF military. This is a spontaneous action being taken by patriot turkeys that are in no way affiliated with the TLF. Any similarity in their plumage is purely coincidental; keep in mind that such plumage is widely available in any Turkey Surplus store. The TLF wishes there to be no doubt that any violent suppression of the free expression undertaken by these patriot turkeys as they occupy your streets and yards will demand an overwhelming response by TLF forces to protect our long-suppressed turkey patriot country-turkey comrades. The TLF stands ready to recognize any state that wishes to seek its political independence at the democratic will of its patriot country-turkeys.

    Young Tom was on his way to the UMass cafeteria lunch counter

    For a sit-in protest, or what we like to call a basting. He shall lay down and resist all violence . Some day this action will allow other turkeys to gain acceptance into excluded club sandwiches. and from their, the world is our oyster. and we will stuff ourselves with them and some bread crumbs!

    How many turkeys live here?

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    How many turkeys live here?

    Or is this the same one on a never-ending great-circle tourist-walking tour around the city?