A new era at City Hall: Clam chowder not at stake in AFC championship wager

Walsh tweeting

All the Boston mayors go tweet, tweet, tweet.

On the same day the city IT department posted a photo proving Marty Walsh actually tweets, the mayor's office also announced the stakes of the obligatory bet with his counterpart in Denver over this Sunday's Patriots/Broncos game:

In the event that the Denver Broncos defeat the Patriots, Mayor Walsh will:

Wear Mayor Hancock’s Denver Broncos jersey during a session of the U.S. Conference of Mayors next week.

- Deliver Mayor Hancock 5 lbs. of Boston’s famous chocolate turtles from Phillips Candy House in Dorchester.

- In honor of Denver’s expanded library hours, make a donation to Denver Public Libraries of inscribed books by Boston’s hometown authors, including Dennis Lehane, James Carroll, Doris Kearns Goodwin, David McCullough, Jackie MacMullan, Kevin Cullen and Shelley Murphy, Joe Finder, Irene Smalls, Kevin O'Connor and Mike Casey, Jarrett Krosoczka, Casey Sherman, Brian McGrory, Paul Harding, Hank Phillippi Ryan and more.

When the Patriots when, however, the mayor of Denver will wear a Patriots jersey during that conference and send Walsh some "green chile," a Denver hoodie, a Denver cap and some skis.



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Bum deal

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Why would he (we) want any of that stuff? Green chile, ok, I guess but it doesn't really match up with chocolate turtles.

As someone who used to live in NM, CO, and TX

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The green chile will probably be a 20- or 50-pound bag freshly frozen from a roaster. Totally worth it. The Denver clothing? Trash. Skis designed for CO power as opposed to New England ice? Useless.

I like it, though....

...I think the taxpayers may not like spending the bucks for a Firefly frame. ;-)

And thanks for the heads up on Royal H. Just when you think you know all the local framebuilders...

Chowder hasn't been in the mix for awhile

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I think Boston put lobsters on the table for most of its recent bets, sand chowder, and in betting with Baltimore last year, focused on locally produced foods.

With Chicago in June, the bets involved theatre tickets and time on the other city's website

In October, knowing what was coming, Mayor Slay of St Louis declined the opportunity to bet, he has previously lost the 2002 Super Bowl and 2004 World Series.

A few random observations

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Can I donate my copy of "The Brothers Bulger" to Denver if they win?

Does Marty know that he can use twitter on that pc to his left? Is he too cool to tweet on anything but a smartphone?

From that angle, he looks like a dozen guys I grew up with in the Boston area and about 1,000 guys I saw at UMass.

Pc vs phone

I'll bet that his phone keeps him logged into his own twitter, and that the office computer (if that's even HIS computer) doesn't. The computers at my work are all configured to not remember passwords or sessions (even if you tell them to "keep you logged in")

Wait a minute? Skis? To the

Wait a minute? Skis? To the mayor? Wouldn't that be a violation of the $25 gift rule for ethics purposes? Didn't those firefighters in Wellesley need to return those cruise vouchers because they were a violation of the $25 gift rule?

no these

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are the screw together types invented by Larry David, worth zero dollars.