New residential building a step closer in Jeffries Point

245 Sumner St. proposal

The BRA last night approved a developer's plans to tear down a small factory and warehouse at 245 Sumner Street and replace it with a 34-unit residential building that will also have retail space on the first floor.

The Residences at 245 Sumner, which represent the first major new development not directly on the waterfront, next go before the Zoning Board of Appeals on July 1 for its consideration.

Seven of the units will be set aside as "affordable."

BRA documents on the project.



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    The Beginning

    The beginning of the post-recession gentrification of East Boston. Jeffries Point was already hot, relative to the rest of Eastie. The waterfront projects are gaining steam, Maverick of course makes sense for a starting point. While Marginal St waterfront takes off, Border St will likely lag behind for a while as change sweeps up Bremen/Chelsea along the Greenway/Blue Line to Day Sq.

    < / prediction >

    The beginning???

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    Nope.. this has been brewing for years... so so sad to see the last area of affordability within city limits (or really, even in "Greater Boston") fall to the sword of luxury apartments/condos. Eastie probably only has a few years left before everyone who can't pay these high prices will be pushed out


    Some Luxury on MY side of the harbor!

    Seriously though, I'm glad I have a great place with an awesome landlord on Eagle Hill. I don't have to worry about getting priced out that far up for at least 2 more years.


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    I hope Chelsea is next.. it will be the last town that touches boston city limits that has not been gentrified yet. (except maybe quincy)

    I'd add Dedham, Winthrop,

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    I'd add Dedham, Winthrop, Revere and Everett to your list (along with Chelsea and Quincy)

    Rental or Condo?

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    I may consider becoming the EaBo Yuppie!

    How much are these condo$

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    How much are these condo$ going to be, market rate prices? Will there be a roof deck? Negative part of any of these condo developments in eastie, if you have guests driving to visit the condo owner, there will be no where to park your car, and if the visitor does find a parking spot that visitor better have a residential sticker on their car, or else they will be towed..That's one of the downsides of owning a condo in Eastie..

    Eastie isn't bad for street parking...

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    I lived in Eastie for 4 years in that area (just recently sold our place) and never had an issue with street parking... and I never bothered to get a residential sticker. I could usually find a spot within 2-3 minutes of looking. Our guests could usually find spots on our block fairly quickly too. The only exception is street cleaning days (ugh).

    But I do agree, as more of these developments go up, parking will get tighter and tighter...

    For years, non Eastie

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    For years, non Eastie residents took advantage of the street parking and they would leave their cars in same parking spot for weeks, these are travelers who fly out of logan airport , by parking their cars on Eastie streets , Bremen, Chelsea, Porter streets anywhere closer to the old airport/T station and Sartori park, City of Boston finally woke up about this issue, and decided to have meter maids walking around Eastie and ticketing cars that do not have proper residential stickers I've seen cars being towed because a car did not have a sticker on it, I see them all the time now checking cars.If you have a relative that lives in Eastie and you would like to visit for several hours and you find your car missing, it's all because you do not have an East Boston residential sticker on your vehicle.


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    Boston does have designated "visitor" spots on streets where a permit is normally required, but I don't think there's any penalty for somebody with a permit to park there, so in practice, probably very few spots are ever actually available to visitors.

    Woah the price

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    Nothing new there - even a BHA-style shithole in one of those 50s/60s bricks scattered all over the city would normally cost you at least 300k nowadays.