Newtonville consignment shop held up at knifepoint

Wanted for Newton robbery

Newton Police report they are looking for a man and woman for an armed holdup at Second Appearance, 801 Washington St., yesterday afternoon.

WBZ reports the two bound one worker up and put duct tape over another's mouth before making off with cash and jewelry.

If they look familiar, contact Newton Police at 617-796-2100.



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newton consignment shop robberry ????

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does anyone else feels like there is something missing here? why rob a consignment shop? there cant be much cash on hand.then tying up the employee? weird man, There is a missing piece to this puzzle, these two were looking for something,



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Maybe they thought they were trying out for a new reality show crossover: "Pawn Wars"

The post says that jewelry

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The post says that jewelry was taken. In a place like Newton I'd be willing to bet that the things people put up for consignment at these shops are pretty valuable. If you look at eBay you'll find all sorts of high-end designer clothing and handbags and jewelry going for well into the four figures.

It could be because they felt

It could be because they felt it would be an easy hit, or perhaps (as another commenter suggested,) they knew there would be little to no security, and little to no ability to track what was stolen.


Small independent shops

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Usually have little or no security. Its possible they also had cash on hand to both buy consignments and customer payments, although I don't know how consignment shops work as far as consignments.