At night, elves descend on Jamaica Plain to rebuild city's tiniest library

Tiny Free Library on way back in Jamaica Plain

Roving UHub photographer Kevan Grimaldi noticed a bit of construction work going on atop a certain traffic-control box on South Street in Jamaica Plain today.



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      Could it be the first one went away because it was built on public property? If it fell off and hurt someone, who would get sued?

      Is that

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      All Weather cardboard? Someone really thought that through!

      Your commitment

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      to bitter commentary about projects people undertake for free in their off time is truly inspiring. If only we could all point out the flaws in others' generosity the way you do, the world would reach its full potential for misery and cane-shaking.


      What commitment? Bitter,

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      What commitment? Bitter, misery, cane shaking? I am not and do not portray any of those characteristics. My comment was realistic, it has rained almost every day in the past 2 weeks. You shouldn't read too deep into comments.

      Or just spray the whole thing ...

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      In ScotchGuard.

      Of course, if this were Cambridge, somebody would just print up a new library box out of whatever Godawful stuff they use in 3D printers.



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      Is it confirmed that crazy Andre destroyed the original one? I just assume any and all mindless damage done to South Street is done at the hands of Andre.