No, Boston Gas hasn't risen from the dead

The Dorchester Reporter reports the Dorchester gas tank now sports a giant Boston Gas logo again only because National Grid stripped off the Keyspan and National Grid logos atop it as part of an overall repainting of the tank.

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Well, I can only assume the

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Well, I can only assume the Dorchester Reporter photog is waiting for the FBI agents who'll be soon accosting him for telling the terrorists about the existence of this gas tank.

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That picture warms the

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That picture warms the cockles of my heart , when JP was an industrial dynamo.

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I remember those days.

Eddie Coyle gets on a bus in Medford then gets off a train in Dedham and robs a Shawmut or something. With his friends.

On a more humorous note, even the recently elected Caliphate of the Levant or whatever couldn't find that well hidden tank.

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