No cheer in Quincy as thieves make a clean getaway

Laundry thief

Quincy Police hope to flush out two women they say boldly wisked away clothing from the Wash and Dry, 236 Washington St., on Wednesday. Police hope an all points bulletin will gain them tips on the women's whereabouts before they're forced to deal with a tide of clothing thefts.

If you recognize them, give a shout out to Det. Jamie Karvelis at 617-745-5765.



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    Well done

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    My head is spinning from cycling through all these puns.


    Swirls , you Jack Benny you.

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    Swirls , you Jack Benny you. They cleaned out the joint at high Tide , it's low Tide this week at S & S , 60 oz. liquid, $ 4 . 99 !

    That is some low down dirty

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    That is some low down dirty shit right there. I've often thought "what if?" when I used to put my clothes in the dryer and do my shopping at Shaw's next door. I believe I'd have to seriously hurt someone for stealing my entire wardrobe.


    I was surprised

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    at how honest the greater Boston population is regarding communal laundries. A lot of my classmates in high school came back from colleges in other states warning about pervasive laundry thieving such that they had to sit in view of the washers and dryers for the whole cycle. They recommended not washing expensive items (like North Face fleeces or winter coats) outside of holiday visits home.

    I expected the same when I moved to Boston for college and then as an adult, but never had anything happen. I did have someone take my sheets out of the dryer and fold them, though.

    Closest I have come...

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    I had someone try to break into my apartment, and when called on it they claimed they were looking for the complex laundry. Which was indeed in the same place as my unit, only next building over. However it was obviously the laundry, so I still waffle as to whether this was a break-in attempt or a drunken neighbor...

    Never had something stolen from a machine, either here in Boston or out at UMass/Amherst. I did once discover that someone had moved my stuff into the dryer and got the loaded started. I left a thank-you letter with an offer to return the favor, but they never took me up on it.

    Guess I've just lucked-out on the neighbor spin wheel. :)

    I once had someone steal some

    I once had someone steal some underwear out of a dryer in an apartment complex. Other than that, I've been pretty lucky.

    A friend, OTOH, had a couple of pairs of work trousers stolen from a dryer.


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    Unbalenced reporting here - dryyer eyes, though b/c it's just fluff.


    We can only hope the

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    We can only hope the investigation doesn't turn out to be a wash ... they should hang these thieves out to dry! Wisk them straight to their punishment.