No joy at Myrtle Street this morning

Stuck truck

Lenny Rowe reports this crane truck got wedged in the intersection of Joy and Myrtle streets on Beacon Hill.



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Drove through that interestion at 6:30 this morning. Glad they waited for me to leave.

When I first moved to BH in 1999 I saw a full size bus drive all the way up Revere St to Irving. I think the only way out was to back the bus all the way back down. Got to wonder what the driver was thinking.


Well, we can't blame the BTD,

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Well, we can't blame the BTD, since they did a great job with the signage at Charles and Revere warning large vehicles that they won't fit.

Meanwhile, how did the crane get to be heading north on Joy Street? Did it go all the way up from Beacon, going the wrong way up the first block of Joy, because it was working at a site somewhere on the street?

Support vehicles?

It used to be that an oversized vehicle like a crane had a car/pickup in front and one in back (to protect from the overhang) when driven. Sounds like there was no (competent) guy in front to warn the crane driver of the tight turn?

Beacon Hill?

That douchebag neighborhood with those people who hate the handicapped? Good, I hope that stuck truck inconvenienced everybody who opposed the marked ramps.