No Market Basket board meeting tonight

The Globe reports.



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    One of the things I always hated about Market Basket is that their produce only lasted a couple days. Anywhere else and I didn't have to worry about it going bad if I didn't use it in the next two days. I also found their selection to be lacking in comparison to any other supermarket of comparable size.


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    e-mail is so cold and impersonal. You should call them at 978-851-8000. Even better, you should visit. They are at 875 East Street in Tewkesbury. I'm sure Mr. Gooch and Ms. Thornton would be glad to hear from you about the food selection in their stores.

    Diana probably got hung up at her vineyard.

    I love the 'generosity and abundance' part.

    "Raised in a New England home where food was not only the focus of the kitchen, but also the means of the family’s livelihood, Diana Merriam was transformed when she was introduced to the intricacies of food and wine during her honeymoon in France. It was in France that Diana’s natural spirit of warmth and hospitality found new inspiration. The creative force behind the new Merriam Vineyards Tasting Room, Diana’s hope is that guests will leave Merriam Vineyards with feelings of generosity and abundance, reminiscent of her visits to the heart of France"

    This does happen when you make some monkeys ridiculously wealthy without requiring them to actually earn it. They are flailing wildly like kids playing a game of "Billionaire".

    It's that wealth cocoon thing I keep harping about...

    "Let them eat Shaws..."

    The Gov race is a dull circus with no one on the horizon likely to be as good as Deval, so of course it's a yawn. If anything, the MB circus is a great diversion from how sterile the current election cycle is likely to be.


    The deal seems to spell doom for MB.

    Even with Artie T at the helm, he'll have to dig out of the hole the walkout caused, do $omething to win back lost distributors, deal with some percentage of lost customers, pay back the private equity firm loaning him money, pay back the mortgage on the real estate holdings. No way MB can operate in it's former form.


    Naah, it's just a transfer.

    The revenue stream that used to go to a bunch of flailing leeches will now go to the finance element that helped set up the deal.

    And that is a lot closer to earning it than being born.

    Thank you!

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    A lot of people seemed to have completely overlooked the fact that if all goes well, and ATD takes control of the company, it's not going to be all sunshine and rainbows the next day. The company has been losing millions per day, lost some major vendors, and negatively impacted a lot of different communities.

    What ATD will be buying is a very leaky canoe, that he'll immediately have to furiously bucket. The first thing they'll have to do is stock the stores, which won't be easy considering the state of everything. Re-establish vendor relations, and get the produce/meat/seafood in... cuz as much as I as a customer want to go running back into the store, I can't while the shelves are empty.

    Then he'll have to undo whatever freaking fires gooch and fern set, deal with employment issues, legal fees, etc etc. In all honesty, I can totally see him having to close down several locations, and possibly some layoffs.


    Someone a few weeks ago noted that the MB debate is getting more coverage then the gubernatorial election which has a primary in a few weeks. Sure enough every day the Boston globe has a front page story about MB and nothing about who could be leading one of the largest state governments for at least the next four years.

    Market Basket affects a small number of people and the outcome is of little consequence to everyone but a very few. Surely there are other subjects more worthy of round the clock coverage.



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    Losing Market Basket's old way of doing business will mean substantially increased costs for many families. It's also costing many people unusually good jobs.

    This is one of the few important things going on. Other than systemic corruption in Boston government and development, and ridiculous crime and violence in some parts of town.


    People are nuts

    I'm comparing the coverage of the MB Drama to who might become Governor of MA. The governor of MA affects all 7 MILLION people who live in the state plus the millions more who live out of state but are indirectly related to the state economy. There are nearly 100,000 state employees, all of which will have a new boss in a few month.

    You know what's depressing? Most people know the name of the MB CEO yet do not know the names of their state representatives.

    MB is a private company. You have been given no assurances as to the company's future, irrespective of CEO or ownership. Even if Author T takes over there is no way to know if he'll run the company as he did previously. There is nothing to say he won't buy the chain for 1.5 billion and in six months sell it for 2 billion to someone else. Or raise prices by 15%. Or reduce his employees pay to min wage. (For that matter there is no saying the new leadership won't keep prices low and treat the employees as they had in the past -- after all it seemed to work.)

    I'm not saying the MB drama isn't at least a little interesting. But the fact that the public and the media care more about who's the CEO of MB (which they have no say) then who and how the government runs (in which you have a vote) is rather pathetic.


    And the legislature only charges by indictment.

    Exactly my point! You can change that if people pay attention. Yet you have absolutely no say in who becomes CEO of MB and how they run the company. The best you can do is shop or not shop there.


    The makeup is cultural and hilariously consistent over decades. Cheesy grifters from grubby former mill cities bully their way to the top of the pile and diffident ditzes from affluent suburbs give them a pass while arguing about upskirt protection.

    A small but ineffectual bunch of disgruntled sorts stew about the whole thing while waiting their turn at the trough.


    Wrong again

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    Yet you have absolutely no say in who becomes CEO of MB and how they run the company.

    Really? So what you're saying is the boycott has had absolutely no effect at all? I really beg to differ.

    We do have a choice and a say. We aren't going to stand for it anymore. We spoke with our dollars and it's working. I think if we didn't, there wouldn't be a push to get rid of Gooch and Hooch and bring back ATD.

    Nothing makes corporations panic some kind of customer implosion.

    Look at how superstitious they are about their stupid brand value. They blow billions on market wizards that essentially do a kind of alchemy.

    Are you serious?

    "Market Basket affects a small number of people and the outcome is of little consequence to everyone but a very few."

    What state are you writing from? Besides the 25,000 Market Basket employees, there are the hundreds of thousands of people like me who shopped there regularly, and whose food budgets have been inflated because of the situation. I suppose that you live somewhere that has no MB stores. Take my word for it that the outcome is of real consequence for a lot of people. There is no reason that the Globe can't report this issue along with your precious Governor's race. If it isn't doing it, take it up with them.


    I've even noticed

    a quieter grand junction corridor as if the CSX produce run from Framingham is affected.

    71 stores order a lot of stuff. The ripples probably have impacts well beyond the region.


    You are mistaken

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    You are mistaken BostonDog. I'm sorry 1.2 Million people isn't a small number (a good guess at how many it effects). Just because it does not effect you personally, does not mean the news has to stop reporting about it. Adam has been pretty good about not over posting about it (as I think this is the first story in a few weeks about it).

    It effects a lot more people than just the employees, the customers (like myself), the vendors that supply the stores, and all the trickle down stuff from there. Plus this isn't just about the employees anymore, it is about big business. I have friends in Australia who are following this story as it is slice of life in America, and what may be coming to an end.

    Personally it effects me, as 500 employees in my town (Chelsea) are now out of work because of these buffoons who can't get over each others egos. Then lets add the Kayem plant across the street and the thousands of workers it effects (market basket was a big customer). And then New England Produce, which is also based in Chelsea, has also been effected. And I am sure there are other local Chelsea industries that are effected also. And that's just Chelsea, I can say a similar thing about my home town in New Hampshire. (~300 workers are being effected + local bread manufacturer also)

    Just because you don't think it effects you, does not mean it is not important. It's news, some articles you relate too, some articles you don't. Its just how the news works, not every article will effect and be of interest to you. If you don't want to read, move on, and certainly don't comment under it.

    Hey I am just as sick of hearing about this story as most. I want this to end, I'm tired of over paying for groceries at Stop & Shop!



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    This is the underlying tone of this whole thing..

    Chelsea is our friend . But K

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    Chelsea is our friend . But K . M. Monkiewicz will sell plenty of hot dogs to the other markets , as well as NE Produce center. There is a cult of MB shoppers that feel every other store sucks.Long before MB, there were A & P's ,First National's ,Elm Farm's , and other chains that disappeared.Life went on. MB will change as it survives too, as debt enters the pricing equation, along with pissed off vendors that will no longer offer the " favored nations ' pricing.Bashing other stores serves to alienate the non-involved public.This is happening a lot, especially to the parent of Hannaford's, that were considering by some sources to buy the MB remnants after the implosion.The MB would have been better served if the operating cousin made the buyout offer after the big law suit, and got the capitalist cousin out of operations.I feel for the people involved here, but if you want to be an elitist about your choice of MB , as they say at the fish pier , tough clams. Again, Chelsea is our friend.

    You're missing the point

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    but whatever. you wanted a chance to take a jab at me. Sorry it isn't going to work.

    And I'm not taking a jab at any other supermarket, I just speak the truth. Stop & Shop is over priced and expensive when compared to Market Basket. It's just the facts there...

    oh yeah so elitist because I value shopping where customers, employees, and low prices are key and valued. Whatever dude, go shop at WalMart if you don't care about where your dollar is going because I DO care about where I shop.

    You know what you can do with your opinion.. it has to do with four corners and a rectum.

    I have a feeling it will be fine.

    The late Sunday vote and cancellation all point to west coast time and the sister.

    It's like figuring out the Kremlin but that vineyard is the key. This is probably a critical time at vineyards and the meeting time reflects that.

    Then a 6.0 richter rumble scrambled things. These people are not pros at much of anything.

    With the dough 'S' got for being born, he could be a bold venture capitalist finding the next Google or designing a kick ass hedge fun, but no,

    And it's fine to slag crap markets that hose their customers so some third party parasites can get good numbers on a stock.

    If we are to really embrace the 'free market' religion, customers vote with feet and nothing is more important to most than price since they are getting chiseled at every other turn from fees, rents and tuition.

    Edit add.

    "The quake's timing was also bad for Napa Valley's famed vineyards, where winemakers were just getting ready to harvest the 2014 crop. The quake broke thousands of bottles of wine and toppled barrels."

    It hit at 3:20am out there which compounded the chaos.

    (The vineyard is located in Sonoma but the disruption has a fat footprint.)