No one said there'd be days like this...
Sittin here in jail, freedom I miss

Wasted dreams, wasted life
I miss my kids and my wife

I thought robbin and dealin
to make a quick buck...
took the easy way...
then i ran out of luck

My boys, they thought I was a snitch
I heard one say let's kill the bitch

I ran out of options had to prove them wrong
I took the gun, knew it wouldn't take long

just do the deed over and done
so I shot a cop, then was on the run

Hidin, slidin, a wanted man
now my ass is in the can

15-20 ain't no joke
I wish I could die
my breath to choke

No one told me when I
thought I was big and bad

Such a wasted life
soon to be had

Some folks told me
stay in school, stop actin like a fool

told me real men work hard
Now I'm spendin time walkin the yard

I thought being a bad boy was really cool
now the guards taunt stupid ass fool

No one told me I'd serve time like this
Oh God freedom I miss

No one told me.....
but deep down inside I always knew

And if it happened to me
It can happen to you


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Great poems!

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2 bad the people/persons who need to truly get this won't be reading it.


thanks, maybe some will see it, or someone will think twice before acting...I'll never know...But hope speaking out will make a small difference!