Nobody better touch this hunny of a parking space in JP

Pooh space saver in Jamaica Plain

Patrick Connors photographed one Jamaica Plainster's attempt to save a space, on St. Rose at the Arborway.

In JP, even the space savers are green.



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Oh bother

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I believe is the phrase. :)


A buddy of mine had "his spot" taken today, later on he noticed that car was gone and another space saver was placed there on top of his. So he went out and moved his car back, just as he was getting out the "space stealer" drove by yelling. My friend explained that he shoveled it out and you don't place savers on spots you didn't earn.

That's a funny space-saver, which evoked some laughs,

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but the whole idea that somebody automatically "earns" their space by shoveling it out is such a crock of baloney. Nobody owns any part of any street at any time of year. The streets that people park on are public streets that everybody's taxes go towards the upkeep of. The city, however, could start by doing a better job of snow removal in the wake of snowstorms and to make municipal, school, and even church parking lots available for people who can't find on-street parking while snow removal is taking place.

I bet most anti-saver people don't have space issues

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Disclaimer: I own a Jeep in good part to opt out of the space saver game. I won't take someone else's and i don't shovel and save my own. Just create my own.
I think the whole practice is stupid and plenty of peeps just take advantage to have a spot as long as they can.

However, I bet most of the virulent anti-space crowd who see this as some neanderthal townie practice really don't have to deal with it.
They don't live on a street with triple deckers and few driveways. In a 'hood with the same configuration. Where if you do shovel out and don't save a spot you're going to drive around in circles for an hour after work while some lazy douche is in your spot and home warm and cozy. And let's face it, what are the odds it's going to be a visiting nurse or a douche?

Hell, a visiting nurse could put a sign on their dash with a phone # and park anywhere on my street anytime for as long as they like.someone might call them and ask them to move while they got out but there'd be no beef.

The only real solution is to have the city strictly enforce the ban and grab everything off the street daily.

Anyways, just my 2 cents.

hello, entitlement

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"However, I bet most of the virulent anti-space crowd who see this as some neanderthal townie practice really don't have to deal with it. They don't live on a street with triple deckers and few driveways. In a 'hood with the same configuration. "

I bet most virulent anti-space-saver people haven't thought: Oh, high density urban living environment...I'll get a car! We instead use the bus, taxis, Uber, bicycles, our feet, friends, commuter rail.

"Buuuuuut anoonnnnn, I have to DRIVE to woooooooork!"

Got a job that requires a car? Don't move into a part of the city that has very little parking. How 'bout them apples?

Good for you, non-car driver

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More power to you. But you've made my point. You don't need a space saver and have no skin in the game but are belly-aching about it. Doesn't make sense to me.

By the way, i like where I live and need, yes need, a car and DON'T use space savers so again, your argument seems a lil ridiculous

The only time(s) I can see reserving a parking space

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Imho, the only time(s) I can see someone reserving a parking space right nearby one's house, especially in the winter, when there's lots of snow and ice on the ground is for;

A) A physically disabled person of any age who uses a wheelchair, crutches, or even a walker to get around, and has a car with handicapped license plates on it.

B) A woman who's 6-9 months pregnant and who shouldn't risk a slip and fall incident on the ice.

C) A person of any age who's recovering from an injury and who can't yet walk very far.

Please note: Situations B and C are temporary.

You've got it bass-ackwards

The people in neighborhoods where spaces are *really* in short supply and have been so for a long time -- downtown, beacon hill, back bay, chinatown, etc.; the people who drive around for a half hour looking for spaces summer or winter, understand the concept of a limited, shared resource. We laugh at the idea of space savers and would never dream of using them

I'll say one thing, Bob Leponge:

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If I lived in Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Downtown, or any other such congested neighborhood, I'd see what I could do to rent a garage space monthly, at a reasonable price, so I wouldn't have to go through the hassles of trying to find on-street parking, and I wouldn't have to worry about having to dig out my cart in the winter time.

Here's a rub, Bob Leponge:

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If a person can afford to purchase a $300, 000.00 condominium in Back Bay or Beacon Hill, how could they not afford to rent a garage space somewhere?


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No, I've got it exactly right

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For my neighborhood, where parking isn't an issue except for after snowstorms. And if no one in your neighborhood uses them then why are you so concerned about them. You've made my point as well. Thanks.

I live in Jamaica Plain, have

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I live in Jamaica Plain, have a car, and do not see why people use space savers. At any time of the year, there are very few open spots. Why do people think a snow storm means they should be able to keep the same spot. Everyone has to deal with the same weather. If you had to dig out your car, then so did everyone else. If your car is not there, then you don't own the spot anymore.

Chances are that "lazy douche

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Chances are that "lazy douche" also shoveled his car out, like your poor protagonist. Either way, shoveling doesn't get one a spot later on - it lets a person drive his car away. And that's it. And before you ask, no, I do not currently have to deal with space savers. I have in the past (in Chicago where it is just as bad) and I was one that would simply a remove or run over trash posing as a space saver because you don't own the space simply by digging your car out.